PES 2011 Tutorial : Add Teams

This great tutorial provided by Hio will help you to add teams to your PES 2011 Demo.

All you need is here :


  • -ID finding
  • -get teams into the game with ID
  • -Formation finding and changing players
  • -player IDs
  • -face and hair relinking
  • -relinking kits, changing radarcolours and model

You have to know about hex, afs-explorer(incl. Zlib) and inserting grafikbins into the dt0c.img

1. ID finding

The team IDs are stored in the unzlibed unnamed_32 in dt04.img. Open it and search for the team you want to create for the demo.
At the end of the names of you selected team there is the 3-letter abbreviation(yellow) of the team and right after that you find the ID(blue):

2.get teams into the game with ID

Use this tool:

3.Formation finding and changing players

Now we have a look into unnamed_25 of dt04 and will see the players. At the end of all players the players are linked to their teams in this format *TeamID*0000ID0000ID0000...*number of players*
You have to search now for *teamid*0000 in hex and look if you can find the playerlinking.

4. player IDs

To know with ID refers to which player you have to search in unnamed_25 for the ID. The ID is stored upleft over the beginning of the playername:

5. face and hair relink

Now a very tricky part...
face ID ist stored here(mostly after a 48):

the ID for hair(it's in this picture B5 is faceSlot-130=311-130=181=hex(B5))is the first step. If you have it you have calculate the facerelink(here its 805A) like in this picture:

first you have to convert the hexnumber into binary then you have to switch each "1"(here X) 1 position to the right and convert back to hex. if a "1" is fallen out (number was odd) you have to place thisa "1" right after the hairrelink in this case it creates a 8.
I know it's not the whole information about facerelink, but it is enough to relink plenty of faces.

6. Kit relink, radarcolour and model
Here is a picture where i highlighted teamID(blue), Kitrelink(yellow), Radarcolour(blue frame), model(red frame)in unnamed_34: