About some leaked stadium screens

Hi, There is something i want to share with the community about an unfair treatment which i think the community should know.

I have been testing the tool with Pate (he was the first guy to ask me for a beta). I asked him not to share it and not to use it for his own advantage and i guess it's pretty obvious that publishing screenshots with it was not a part of the "deal" too... But, unfortunately, he did use it to import stadiums for the site he is working and he also chose to post screenshots about it without any permission. On top of it, when i asked him to remove them as soon as possible, all i got was personal abuse (which i hold on my msn logs and i can post to prove). So i want everyone to know that i don't do any "undercover" cooperation with him (i had no problem to share a beta with everyone asked for it) and that i was totally insulted by his behaviour (and this wasn't the first time, i have to say).

I think the community should stay away from guys working like this. After all, it's all about sharing, cooperating and working together with respect...