SM Patch 2010 V 1.5

Soulmirror has released version 1.5 of his SM Patch 2010 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.  

FILE SIZE : 625 Mbs



+ Installation with setup file NEW
+ Separated option file and kitserver (you can install multiple patchs) NEW
+ Works with KONAMI Pes 1.03 official patch and rosters update NEW
+ Works Online NEW
+ Massive Bugfixes
+ Last transfers
+ Many new player and stats adjustements
+ New version of scoreboard


+ Complete rosters for Italian Serie A, Serie B, Liga, Liga Adelante, Premier League, Championship, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and Eredivisie teams. NEW
+ Missing Champion's League Teams added (Debreceni, Apoel, Maccabi Haifa)
+ Missing Europa League added (Austria Wien, Levski Sofia, Partizan, Hapoel Tel Aviv, CSKA Sofia, Rapid Wien ,Timisoara, Bate, Nacional, Red Bull Salzburg, Sturm Graz, Ventspilss, Sheriff Tiraspol)
+ Missing FIFA World Cup 2010 Teams added (New Zealand, Algeria) 
+ Added new nationals for EURO 2012 (Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Faroe Island, Liechenstein, Luxembourg, San Marino) NEW
+ Added a lot of new sudamerican teams (Flamengo, Independiente, San Lorenzo, Cruzeiro, Palmeiras, Sao Paulo)
+ Added Special Extra Teams NEW
+ Complete database with 8000 players (maximum supported) NEW
+ 340 Teams total NEW
+ All transfers up to 07 February NEW
+ All teams have at least 23 players NEW
+ All fake renamed and duplicate removed 
+ Hidden players renamed and unlocked
+ Updated all formations up to 07 February NEW
+ Updated a lot of player stats NEW
+ Added more than 400 new faces NEW
+ Added some future stars
+ All Teams HD new Logos NEW
+ All Teams Kits and sleeves
+ Geom Graphic & Sound Pack 4 (new balls, boots, gloves, adboards, scoreboards, stadiums, sponsors, menu, ecc.) NEW
+ Works with KONAMI Pes 1.03 official patch and rosters update NEW
+ Works Online NEW

How to install

Update to Konami 1.03
First you can update PES 2010 to version 1.03 (optional for the patch, needed to play online)
You can download the official Konami patchs here :
Official Patchs
Install both patches.
Then open the game, GO TO DOWNLOAD AND SELECT UPDATE for the internal download (needed for the patch).

Now you can install the SMPATCH :

1. Copy PES2010_EDIT.bin and PES2010_OPTION.bin from Option File folder in 'My Documents/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/save'
2. Copy the kitserver folder in the game folder and the SMPatch_selector.bat. Then run Manager.exe to install kitserver.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

SMPATCH Selector 2010

How to Install

Copy the selector (SMPatch_selector.bat) in the game folder.
You can create a link to desktop with right mouse click on the file choosing send to desktop.

Selector Tutorial

Open SMPatch_selector then :

- To change division two from Serie B to Championship or Liga Adelante type 1, 2 or 3 and press enter. Then select your favourite team (the team you would like to choose in Master League) typing the team letter and pressing enter.

- To play online type 4 and press enter.

- To return to offline mode reopen the selector type 5 and press enter (Important, otherwise you'll have problems in offline)

- To select the scoreboard type 6 and press enter
Now choose your favourite Scoreboard :

1. Scoreboard Sky with PS3 controller graphic 4:3 (default)
2. Scoreboard Sky with PS3 controller graphic 16:9
3. Scoreboard Sky with X360 controller graphic 4:3
4. Scoreboard Sky with X360 controller graphic 16:9
5. Activate Text version (default)
6. Activate Logos version
7. Scoreboard Sky OFF


Q: I can't install kitserver because i miss a dll file. How can i do?
A: Download and install: Dll 

Q: I have windows vista or windows 7 and the selector doesn't work, why?
A: Try to run the selector as administrator.

Q: How can i create new players?
A: Go to Edit Player/Extra/My Team. You'll find a team with 32 free slot to register new players

Q: I can't find championship or liga Adelante teams. Where they are?
A: You need to use the selector. Open it, type 2 or 3 and press enter. Choose a team (the team you would like to choose in Master League) typing the team letter and pressing enter. Now you have you selected division 2.
You can find the teams on the bottom of others league.

Q: Whenever i start a master league with championship or liga adelante i find reggina e crotone. How can i change those team?
A: Before start master,  you can edit the league. Switch the 2 italian teams with the 2 remaining Championship teams (Reading and Shieffield Wednesday) or the 2 Liga Adelante teams (Castellon and Real Murcia)

Q: Whenever i start a master league playing with a serie B or championship team, that team is duplicated in the league, why?
A: You need to use the selector. Open it, type 1 or 2 choosing your league and press enter. Now choose the team you would like to play the Master League with, typing the team letter and pressing enter. Now you can play without duplicates.

Q: The adboards are all white, why?
A: If you have any problem with the Adboards you can bring back the old adboards removing those files from the kitserver:

From Dt07.img folder

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Soulmirror (Patch and OF - staff SM PATCH)
1907bergamo1907 (Kit and Logos - staff SM PATCH)
Geom (Graphics and Sounds Pack - staff SM PATCH)

Juce e Robbie (Kitserver)
Stelios (League and Team Manager)
Azzurro_4_Ever, Triestino86, The JokerKing, Steve87 (for rosters check)
Maiers (League HD Logos and some kits GDB)
Armando_Rulla e Diablos (New style HD team logos)
Tommsen (Chants)
Kaynn (Selector and some kits GDB)
Grand Bleu (some kits 09/10)
Ninuzzu (scoreboard SKY)
N4z (some face relink)
Poloplo (Gloves)
EPT_LV_PV (Adboards)
DiNo (sleeves)
Brian_jc (kit training nike)
Jacktar (Callname PATO)
Tottimas (Master League Sponsors)
sabco (Replay logos)
manuel92puccetto (Mini graphic ML patch)
Sebastian90 (FIFA Club World Cup Logo)
Diego Martiniello (New Sound Effects)