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How to keep updated?
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How to keep updated?
Hello !

(Sorry for my grammar mistakes, cause english is not my native language. I'm from Latvia )

I've got lots of questions. Hopefully someone can answer them

I own a FIFA 16 in Origin. My laptop can't play newer FIFA.

I've installed Moddingway latest update 28.0.4 , step by step from tutorial.

But as it's update is dated to 2018 summer, I manually install something from this site to keep squads, kits etc, updated.
I install squads and minifaces from Iturbe and kits from L77. I can't find this season kits for other leagues, but would like to find them.

So here's questions :

1) When I install Iturbe's squad i know i need to put them into .../FIFA16/data/db .
But I'm deleting all other files from db, and then put Iturbe's files.
But when i'm playing or choosing teams, for some teams it shows Team_Name_Abrr...
How do I correctly install Iturbes squad files? Do i need to keep Moddingway files in DB folder?
What do i need to do to install them correctly, what do i need to doo with CM16?

2) How do i need install kits with rx3 extension corrrectly? Do i need to put rx3 files in kits folder or do i need to import trough CM16?
Cause when i installed Juve kits from L77 from CM16, imported, put font and letter files in folders where i need, regenerated BH, saved work, when entering game numbers / letters were in wrong colours.
How do i nstall kits correctly?

3) I saw that there is more this season kits for FIFA 18. Saw there is a PNG files which can i import with CM16. Can i install kits in PNG format from newer FIFA editions to FIFA 16?
Or maybe there is tool that converts kits from newer FIFA to FIFA 16?
Or where it's this seasons kits for FIFA 16?

You can DM me or write answer here.

Thanks in advance!

Have a nice day!
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04-12-2019 09:14 PM
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RE: How to keep updated?
The same thing happens to me, I don't think anyone answers you.
09-17-2019 11:11 PM
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RE: How to keep updated?
I just updated transfers and squad by CM16. Nothing about kits and tournaments.
04-18-2020 03:46 PM
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