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RE: Pc no 3d grass - 312_ramos - 10-05-2017

I told [email protected] is the best!

RE: Pc no 3d grass - Breka16 - 10-05-2017

@magnumrizer I noticed that too but I was surprised when I made a search on youtube for a comparison between pc ultra graphics, ps4 and xbox one and there was no grass at the arena at the 3 consoles also no grass at skill games and the most stupid one is that ingame when you are taking a goal kick there is no grass above the whole pitch except for the 6 yard box around your GK I think that Fifa 18 failed big time this year at visuals.I wrote this whole thing just to clarify that @hazliv fix is working fine and EA is the one to blame.

RE: Pc no 3d grass - saeedavril2 - 10-05-2017

(10-03-2017, 09:10 PM)Placebo Wrote: Link works fine, try a different browser, or fix your internet Wink
fixed .

RE: Pc no 3d grass - moogy6610 - 10-06-2017

@hazliv please when i put the both files it do nothing when i click play .. and when i replace the initfs_Win32 file by the original the game works normally

RE: Pc no 3d grass - ABY967 - 10-06-2017

(10-02-2017, 09:53 PM)ps4toPCconvert Wrote: do I have to do anything after pastin int he patch folder.

RE: Pc no 3d grass - 312_ramos - 10-06-2017

Yes... You have to paste the bcrypt.dll in the game directory given in the forums... Not in the patch folder... In the game root( directory)..

RE: Pc no 3d grass - jankarlo26 - 10-06-2017

it works well in the scenes ... but during the match it's still flat for me.

RE: Pc no 3d grass - hazliv - 10-06-2017

(10-06-2017, 07:51 AM)jankarlo26 Wrote: it works well in the scenes ... but during the match it's still flat for me.
can u post what u mean...... i dunno how ppl expect to see blades of grass when the camera is about 20 meters above the game ... like when u watch a game live can u see the blades of grass when its panned right out!!?

RE: Pc no 3d grass - 312_ramos - 10-06-2017

[email protected] what you did is great and that's what we wanted... Ignore this... That is EA's fault of not enabling the grass draw when panned out during the practice arena... The grass is available even at pro camera now... Dude you're awesome man!

I am enjoying every moment of my game ..... Courtesy @hazliv and modding ways forum...!

@hazliv just out curiosity mate.... What caused BEX64 error in the previous bcrypt.dll which you gave me... And how did you solve my issue by giving me a new dll file?... Only out of curiosity!
I just wanted to know what triggers BEX64 error in PCs and how to solve it...

RE: Pc no 3d grass - nert_renato - 10-06-2017

Hey guys, thank you so much for this file, it was such a pain in the ***** on fifa17, i waited months till Doctor fixed the grass.

Im sorry to bother you again, but would it be possible to upload a file with High settings for the gtx960m ? Ultra is too demanding (falls down to 30fps ish) and medium has a resolution bug for me i can only fix with borderless screen. Plus, high was perfect for the 17.

Thank you so much if u can.