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RE: Pc no 3d grass - 312_ramos - 10-27-2017

I didn't understand what you said there mate!
Did you say no worries?

RE: Pc no 3d grass - hazliv - 10-27-2017

(10-27-2017, 09:25 AM)312_ramos Wrote: I didn't understand what you said there mate!
Did you say no worries?
YEP Big Grin

RE: Pc no 3d grass - M150 - 10-28-2017

(10-26-2017, 11:07 PM)playsafe777 Wrote: why fifa 15 have better grass quality then fifa 18 pc ? my fifa 18 can play at ultra setting but the pitch same. no 3D grass, if i use the file that someone post in this forum, it look weird, and make my fifa 18 lag. anyone ? fix the grass look like fifa 15 or pes 18. just compare. any new solution ?
FIFA 18 detected your graphic card as low-end and therefore, force all the setting to low even if you set everything as Ultra in the Game Settings. In other words, you're currently playing in low setting, not ultra or even high at all.

RE: Pc no 3d grass - Pj7 - 11-05-2017

Hey hazlive... After the update... Myngame is not working... After i click play game on my launcher it doesn't open... Please help

RE: Pc no 3d grass - hazliv - 11-06-2017

new ini file after update or orgin

RE: Pc no 3d grass - Hummels123 - 11-08-2017

Where is download?

RE: Pc no 3d grass - Toan Nguyen - 12-20-2017

(10-10-2017, 05:10 PM)hazliv Wrote: please help me edit default infinits32 file!! i don't have 3d Grass
(10-06-2017, 09:01 PM)nert_renato Wrote: Hey guys, thank you so much for this file, it was such a pain in the ***** on fifa17, i waited months till Doctor fixed the grass.

Im sorry to bother you again, but would it be possible to upload a file with High settings for the gtx960m ? Ultra is too demanding (falls down to 30fps ish) and medium has a resolution bug for me i can only fix with borderless screen. Plus, high was perfect for the 17.

Thank you so much if u can.

RE: Pc no 3d grass - ricknsn - 12-25-2017

don't work for me

@hazliv help me please? i have gtx 650 ti and when i put this ini file , dll on the folders my game dont launch , sorry my english is rusty . my fifa is not original and is on 5 update acctually

RE: Pc no 3d grass - Radovid__Africa - 12-25-2017

Hey @hazliv,

first of all happy holidays to you and a big thank you for all the work you have done for us. You've already massively improved my Fifa experience this year Smile However, I do have another humble request for you:

I'm currently using your version of the initfs_Win32 file that locks my graphics settings to medium and it works perfectly. There was one guy earlier in the thread who you provided with a file that locked their settings to ultra. I used that for a while, and it worked beatifully, but the next title update broke it.
Is there a chance you could make one such file again (that puts my settings to ultra)? Or better yet, one that lets me change my settings freely? I'm using a GTX 850M.

Thank you very much Smile

RE: Pc no 3d grass - bagion2512 - 12-31-2017

(10-02-2017, 08:26 AM)hazliv Wrote:
(10-02-2017, 08:13 AM)v2k4 Wrote:
(10-01-2017, 10:27 PM)Hm7 Wrote: Hi..
I have playing fifa 18 on ultra setting very good..but grass is very very bad,,I had this issue in fifa 17 too,,
Please help me..please!
if you send over your graphic card name i may be able to help....... the issue is where your graphic card it set to low ..... by EA @hazliv can you help me edit this default inifts_win32 file?? my Nvidia GTX 960M don't have 3D Grass!!many thanks!