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DeAndre Yedlin face request? - Neganigma - 09-09-2013

Hi everyone,

DeAndre Yedlin is one of the most underrated young players in my opinion, and he is really good in this game. I got him from Seattle in my Blackpool career mode and he's been playing like a star. He also has a very unique look and it sucks to see him as a generic face. I tried combining hairs and faces from other players to make him look better but he still looks horrible. If someone could PLEASE make a DeAndre Yedlin face you would absolutely make my day. I'm thinking about keeping him for the long run and see how he does in the Premier League so a new face would be great. Here are some pictures:

His current look:
[Image: PA-17501130.jpg]

More pics:
[Image: 20130714_kkt_as9_487.0_standard_352.0.jpg]

[Image: DeAndre-Yedlin-in-Sounders-kit-with-new-hairdo.jpg]

[Image: USMNTU20AA062413128_0.jpg]

[Image: 996494_10151550767973589_435586404_n.jpg]

[Image: 163134-768-0.jpg]

Good front view of his face:
[Image: 2021266193.jpg]

If someone would be kind enough to make this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

RE: DeAndre Yedlin face request? - Neganigma - 09-12-2013

Anyone? Please? Huh

RE: DeAndre Yedlin face request? - wowrs2news - 12-30-2014

My most favorite football player is David Beckham. He is very good looking.

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