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Full Version: Paulv2k4 FIFA 19 Gameplay Mod
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Hi all,

Welcome to my FIFA 19 Gameplay Mod thread on Modding Way.

This is my 7th Edition of FIFA gameplay modding. You will normally find me on Soccer Gaming but thought I would post here too.

I make no empty promises of new gameplay features, you can only achieve slight modification from INI settings. So these are my aims. Anything not achieved will be crossed out.

I release many versions of the mod, none are perfect to everyone. So please test them all before demanding a change. I will continue to support anyone who wants help understanding the fields & values. I will also try and document/comment each field throughout the year.


Aims / Features

Less boring games
Remove Super Goalkeepers
More AI long passes (Version 9 and 10b3+)
More AI direct dribbling
More AI shooting
More reliance on tactics
Player likeness (NOT ACHIEVED!)
More AI tackling (NOT ACHIEVED!)

More fouls (Version 10b4+)

Please note that
I am used to watching & playing in British football so I like long passes and fast paced football
I play locked to one player and mostly a CPU vs CPU game

Download Link
Download here

Discord Link - I am more active here

Patreon Link

What are the differences between the different versions?
(10-07-2018 01:13 PM)whigga98 Wrote: [ -> ]What are the differences between the different versions?
Play a game on each of them to find out. Each is attempting to try and reach the aims set out in the 1st post.
try version 1 and version 5. if it changes a lot. the game is deeper. There are more dribble and shots. but I do not see that piten faults with the hands
Using version 5 and enjoying it right now. Ball feels looser and freer and getting more tackles from CPU too.
(10-08-2018 12:15 PM)kennydalglish Wrote: [ -> ]Good morning friend With this mod you have been fouled with your hand?
Hey, great mod
Is there any guide to look what modify each value?
Which is the version that "gives you more control" of the player ?
Great mod ! I really hope you will make AI to commit more fouls. In vanila fifa 19 i played whole season in Eredivisie and i had only one oportunity to score goal from free kick.
That's next on my agenda (Commenting)

Fouls are top of my wish list. I am trying to get them without messing up another part of the game. Struggling at the moment. Will let you know if I have achieved it.
Hi Paul,

This probably isn't the right thread but I remember you used to make career mode edits. Is there any way to edit the simsettings.ini file or any other .ini files in Fifa 19? I'm just trying to get more realistic sim stats and hoping there is a quick fix. Thanks for the hard work.
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