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Full Version: Improved Fifa19 Squad
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Just for fun, I have improved db to have more fouls,long shot and severe referee... Smile
Put file squad in Documents/Fifa19/Setting
Hi friend. I want to know is this mode useful for very long shot goals? I want have goals from halfway line. Can I achieve my dream with this mode? Sorry for bad english...
Unfortunately I do not think it works after the last update ..
Hi friend, do you work on any improved db after update
(10-03-2018 07:04 PM)brusk76 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi friend, do you work on any improved db after update
No mate sorry! Sad
For all those who want to test the beta 12 of my personal db, placed the link given the numerous requests.
add a locale.ini that starts from the base of the work of the great
Fidel (thanks master) modified to have a more realistic game of cpu and
with focus on dribbling and long shots!

Put locale.ini in the folder.
Put squad in documents / fifa 19 / settings. (remember in game to load it and save it!).
The db is updated on December and includes new faces and boots and balls unlocked.

Enjoy! Wink
Link Supernova V12
Fantastic Mod Supernova!!! Nice JOB Bro!
Thank you Supernova!

(12-24-2018 12:22 AM)°Supernova° Wrote: [ -> ]Put locale.ini in the folder.
Hi, I hope someone could help me. If I put the locale.ini in the Data folder, FIFA wont start. If I change the ini back to the original one, FIFA starts without a problem.
Does anyone have a solution for this?
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