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Full Version: FIFA 18 World Cup Mod
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FIFA 18 Worldcup Mod!
My friends and me made a brilliant Mod we all have been waiting for!

Over 80 Countries arround the World are fully licensed in the mod trying to win the most known Trophy of the globe.

It will be released very soon! - before FIFA18 WorldCup Update on 29.May 2018

Check out the trailer HERE

If you want to download it join this Discord server soon to get the infos you need:

■ Discord channel:

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■ Homepage:

Can you leave us the project link please? At least I want to modify the DB (goalnets, boots, locations and other things..). Please. I would really appreciate it.
The DLC is there but some squads seem not to be up to date. For example it is Joe Hart as Englands and no Reus for Germany but some Players, who have been already dismissed.
Sadly there i did not find any option to edit those squads? did you?
Very nice kits.
Are you willing to upload them as dds. or png. files?
So is this out yet?
How you did you add new files (kits, logos) for these new teams?
It is a nice trailer you have shown to us with all teams and kits.
I have read review that FIFA 18 gamers are able to start playing all the new World Cup modes at no extra cost and it will deliver a complete and the official tournament experience.
Hello, would you have the Croatian kitpack for the 2018 wc? in PNG or DDS?
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