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Full Version: Creating tournaments in Creation Master
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Hi everyone.
I have already created some new teams and leagues in Creation Master 16 (for example Albanian league) but I have a problem with creating a tournament. I want to play this league in Career Mode but when I try to start a new career FIFA turns off. I have read something about replaces ID with leagues that are currently in the game (for example Liga BBVA), but I want to have both leagues in the game. Is anyone who had similar problem? Can anyone help me with it?
I will be very, very grateful.

I'm sorry for my english. If here is someone from Poland, please write in polish language.
Have you ensured that the league ID in the League and Tournament tabs is the same?
I had this problem briefly when I forgot to change the South African League ID.
I don't remember now but I think yes, because when I choose New tournament in menu and then create league tournament everything is ok, fifa don't turns off, i can play normally without any problems.
The problem is that I can't play this league in career mode.
Been trying to find the answer to this everywhere but no luck yet. The most i've read is that the "creation centre" has been removed which i presume is things like create a player, create a team, create a Pro...However, i'm still not 100% sure. No articles have specefied what exactly the creation centre being removed means. So are you still able to create your own custom tournament for playing offline?
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