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Full Version: Regarding on how to create leagues and cups.
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Hello people, how are you all?

Well, as the title says, I have few questions for you.

I'm going to re-create some leagues from Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and maybe Ukraine, Egypt, China...

So, here is my first question: how to make a league like Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico?. I mean leagues with tournament/torneo apertura and clausura? Because leagues from Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador have the same format of those leagues that I mentioned above.

Second question: how to create a national cup and super cup from national leagues? Like Spain with "Copa del Rey" and super cup with winners from "La Liga" and "Copa del Rey"

Third question: how to force winnings teams to cups like "Copa Libertadores" or "UEFA League?

Thanks in advance for you time. I wish someone like @Ariel the god of FIFA could help me with this Tongue lol

Regards from Venezuela.
I'm going to BUMP this and I hope anybody could help me on this.
i can't help you bro. just wanted to say that brazil don't use the apertura/clausura format, it's just a single league with european standard format.
It was, but I saw it wasn't at FIFA 14.

Thanks anyways.

Anybody else knows?
Thanks for ignoring me., I'm out of it Smile since NOBODY wants to help me through tips or anything else.

Thanks for nothing, you can close this thread to prevent spam.
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