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Full Version: Problem with installing mod 4.8.0 all in one
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(1)- i copied the files after extraction
(2)- when i run ModdingWayInstaller.exe as administrator , it says "Game folder not found, we can not continue with installation"
(3)- i tried FHL-BH-Editor.exe with admin privileges, says "fifa caould not be found on your computer. check your registry, please". then the stop working error occurs
(4)-i downloaded this registry, tried (2) & (3) but same result.
this is the reg i used.;
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; FIFA 14 registry
; Generated by

"DisplayName"="FIFA 14"
"CD Drive"="D:\\"
"Product Name"="FIFA 14"
"Folder"="D:\\Games\\FIFA 14"
"Install Dir"="D:\\Games\\FIFA 14"
"Installed From"="D:\\"
"Patch URL"=""
"Product GUID"="{3FEA6CD1-EA13-4CE7-A74E-A74A4A0A7B5C}"
"Suppression Exe"=""
"Registration"="Software\\Electronic Arts\\EA Sports\\FIFA 14\\ergc"

"DisplayName"="FIFA 14"
"ProgramGroup"="D:\\Games\\FIFA 14"

My pc runs windows 8.1 x64 . the game is cracked by fifa14-3dm ,
i did not install the game on my pc. just copied it from a friend and it works fine. but can't update it with this mod 4.8.0 all in one patch.
me tooooo
me tooo
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