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Full Version: PES 2014 Option File PC Real Names and Logos RELEASED!
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PES 2014 Option File PC Real Names and Logos




Unpack this rar file in your My Documents / KONAMI / Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 folder
First backup your save folder

Changelog 1.0

- All Unlicensed Logos Updated
- All Unlicensed Teams Names Fixed
* Barclays PL
* Liga Zon Sagres
- All Unlicensed Competition Names Fixed
- All Unlicensed Stadiums Names Fixed

Thanks to for their logos

This software is distributed "as is". We hold harmless of any possible misconfiguration or error this program may cause in your computer.

Copyright © 2013
ModdingWay Staff
(09-18-2013 06:57 PM)alexliani Wrote: [ -> ]thanks ariel! what about kits??? any news?
Kits are similar to FIFA.

HEre you can take a look at them
thank you very much ariel!

i hope you are feeling better and that we will see moddingway patch for pes 2014 too, not just fifa Smile

i wish you all the best!
Thanks Ariel C:
Made with internal editor Big Grin

simply amazing...
What a legend Big Grin . Hope you can do to PES what you did to FIFA, changed the game for me
We have a problem with the kits stuff since now there are different databases according to different versions of the game. If I release the database I´ve edited most of those that updated their game won´t be able to play with it. Unfortunately we are not able yet to decrypt option file and change version of the game.
Ariel is pesedit work in version 0.1 jejejeje uffffff
(09-19-2013 05:04 PM)ventura1982 Wrote: [ -> ]Ariel is pesedit work in version 0.1 jejejeje uffffff
Big Grin Ah ok so I stop here
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