New Loading Screen with Upcoming World Cup Icons

3 new World Cup icons have been announced through a loading screen. One from Italy, another from Brazil, and the last one from Germany. Check out the details.


Path To Glory and Ones To Watch Upgrades

Path To Glory and Ones To Watch players received their upgrade. 5 Ones To Watch players received the "Nations to Watch" upgrade. Check out the details.


Shaw vs Thuram World Cup Showdown SBC

Complete these SBCs to earn a Showdown Luke Shaw or Marcus Thuram from the FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final match-up between England and France. Check out the details.


WC Phenoms coming this Friday

WC Phenoms is the next promo coming this Friday. Top talents aged 24 and under will take part in this next promo. Check out the first players revealed.


Depay vs Acuña World Cup Showdown SBC

Complete these SBCs to earn a Showdown Marcos Acuña or Memphis Depay from the FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final match-up between Netherlands and Argentina. Check out the details.

CATEGORY : F1 2010 | Graphic Mods

Track Lighting Mod V 4 - All Tracks

AUTHOR shurik_spb | October 27 2010 | 17102 hits
Rating : 5

Tracks lighting mod (full) v4
I've made few changes in lighting.xml and effects.xml to tweak shadows contrast, sun orientation and sky brightness in order to make tracks more saturated and contrast. Some of the tracks lighting I tried to make similar to real 2010 lighting (I mean a sun direction). There are some little visual bugs which I can't solve right now: smoke and dust on some tracks are a bit bluish, some baked shadows are appearing in Monaco and other tracks(don't know if I can switch them off), diffuse level of all cars in some tracks is a bit low (that's why there is no chance to make ferrari's color authentic scarlet in this tracks), couldn't solve this issue also, looks like that there is something else influencing on it. Maybe it will be too saturated for some users, so I've made 2 versions of modification. The only difference between them is ~0.4 of sturation value.

Free Hex Editor was used as a software. Hopefully, we'll have some advanced tools for such a tweaks in future. Note: All tweaks were made for 0.9 ingame gamma setting. 


F1 2010 is the first multi-format, high definition Formula One videogame from Codemasters. Complete with all the official drivers, teams and circuits from the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship, F1 2010 will immerse players in the glamour and exhilaration of the world most exciting motorsport, on and off the circuit. F1 2010 will challenge players to take on four FIA FORMULA ONE DRIVERS WORLD CHAMPIONS ( Jenson Button, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton ) in a range of game modes, from quick-fire races to full Grand Prix weekends. Players will race wheel-to-wheel at iconic tracks including Spa, Monza, Silverstone and Monaco or, for the first time, take on high-definition recreations of the stunning Singapore night race and the dramatic Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi.
Download Track Lighting Mod V 4 - All Tracks. This is a mod for F1 2010 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.