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CATEGORY : NBA 2K14 | Editing Tools

Tutorial: Importing 3D Beard/Hair

AUTHOR KevinParker13 | June 16 2015 | 7182 hits
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In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to import 3d hair from one cyberface to another. This so-called technique is great if the player that you are creating grew a beard in the offseason or in the middle of the season.

For example, Kyle O’Quinn currently has a full-grown beard and so, we need to import a 3d beard/hair from a player who has (a 3D Beard),  to a player who doesn't have. (Like O'Quinn)

First, search for a player that has a 3d beard/hair. I found Chris Andersen (png0984)
This is his whole face texture:

Now open another instance of the 3DM Mod Tool and use that to open the player's file that needs the 3d beard. I opened Kyle O’Quinn’s cyberface (png0924).
This is his face texture:

So what you need to do is export the face texture (the 1st one), the arms texture (the 2nd one) and the green texture (the 3rd one),

And finally, export the head shape of O’Quinn (the 1st one below).

After you exported all of the textures of Kyle O’Quinn, go to Chris Andersen’s textures

And import all the dds files that you exported from O’Quinn. The face texture is always the first slot, same with the others. (Face -> Arms -> Green).
It should look like this.

Take note of the png file, it is png0924, the cyber face id of Chris Andersen. After importing all of the textures to Chris Andersen’s file, import the head shape of O’Quinn to Andersen’s.
So before we exchanged the shapes, this was the look of Andersen’s 3d model with a beard.

After we imported the head shape of O’Quinn, it now looks like this.

See the part where that’s jagged, that is where the 3d beard is currently on. All you need to do now is adjust the size, rotate and scale it in blender and you are good to go. Here is my final preview (I already edited it in blender.)

Good luck on doing your cyberface, I hope I helped you in some way in this tutorial. If this is going to be your first time making a cyberface, don’t worry if it looks bad as you will improve. Just keep practicing and take the criticism for motivation.

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Download Tutorial: Importing 3D Beard/Hair. This is a mod for NBA 2K14 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.
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