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Category : NBA 2K13 / Gameplay Mods

Albys Sliders Pack 1.2

AUTHOR : Albys | January 16 2013 | 9090 hits
TOTAL HITS : 223654


Game : NBA 2K13
Category : Gameplay Mods


This mod is hosted at our servers.


These sliders and settings are developed for obtain a better gameplay possible with nba2k13.
Realism, amusements and general good challenge for every skills level.

These sliders/settings work perfectly with my Albys Realistic Roster (actually v.1.2) because on roster i work hardly on players tendencies and overall players in search of the maximum realism. But also work good with all others roster because i fixed all "CPU cheat" (some attributes players values are used - abused by cpu for make difference, like speed, quickness, on-ball defense, off. and def. awareness, blocks, jump, shots values).

ROOKIE: children or dead people.
PRO LEVEL: beginners, and normal players with some problems on defense.
ALL STAR LEVEL: normal and good players of 2Kseries (for me is better level)
SUPERSTAR LEVEL: very good players of 2Kseries, hard challenge.
HALL FO FAME LEVEL: this game is your life!

Features (compared with default 2Ksport simulation settings):
- more physical game under the basket and better animations
- better cpu defense
- more blocks
- more real shots % (for this, please use Albys RR 1.2)
- some cpu loose ball
- tuned pass
- tuned fouls
- fixed offensive rebounds
- better shots distribution
- tuned dunks
- real ball-handling
- unlocked all alternate/christmas jerseys!
and some minor fixes.

Remember: choose and put only 1 file .STG in your saves folder, because sometimes the game make confusion with more .STG files and use only latest. And also remember: load roster (Albys Roster or another amatorial roster like Slimm44 or Medevenx) every time you start the game.

Latest thing:
For every game level (Pro,All Star,Superstar, HOF) please set this value in GAME-CONTROLLER OPTION :
DEFENSIVE ASSIST 0/25 for increase challenge
DEFENSIVE ASSIST 50 for default level challenge

NBA 2K13 was released ofor the Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Wii. Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls are the cover athletes. NBA 2K13 is the successor to NBA 2K12 in the NBA 2K series.

Download Albys Sliders Pack 1.2 . This is a mod for NBA 2K13 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.

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