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Med's Ultimate Roster v0.4 ('00 Blazers & Pacers)

AUTHOR : Medevenx | December 08 2012 | 13022 hits
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Game : NBA 2K13
Category : Rosters



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Medevenx' Ultimate Roster v0.4
-Updated Roster Transactions, Signature Skills, and Player Ratings
-Updated Signature Animations for a few players that badly need them
-Updated Gear, Accessories Colors and Headband Colors
-Updated Shoes
-Almost All Players without Generic Shoes (except Legends)
-True to Minutes
-TWO Roster Files with Injuries AND without Injuries!
-Missing Legends Added
-Missing Players Added
-Celebrities Updated
-Realistic Gameplay Sliders on Hall of Fame Difficulty
-All Alternate, Christmas Jerseys Unlocked
-Removed All Created Players from Legends Teams
-Updated Heights and Weights of Players
-Updated Socks Colors and Shoe Base Colors
-'99 -'00 Portland Trail Blazers & Indiana Pacers Added
-Slim44's Coach Profiles for ALL Teams (Legend Teams Included)
-Body Types Updated
Download Links
Meds Roster Patch v0.4
Med's Roster Patch Main Folder Files 1 (Jerseys, Cyberfaces, Shoes; 58 MB)
Download this once. Copy all the files from the jerseys, cyberfaces, and shoes into your Main 2K Directory Folder. When it asks you to overwrite, OVERWRITE.
Med's Roster Patch Main Folder Files 2 (Jerseys, Cyberfaces, Shoes; 17 MB)
Download this once. Copy all the files from the jerseys, cyberfaces, and shoes into your Main 2K Directory Folder. When it asks you to overwrite, OVERWRITE. On Christmas day, I will merge Main Files 2 and Main Files 3 for those who are late to download this patch
Med's Roster Patch Main Folder Files 3 ('99-'00 Blazers and Pacers, etc; 48 MB)
Download this once. Copy all the files from the jerseys, cyberfaces, floors, logos, and shoes into your Main 2K Directory Folder. When it asks you to overwrite, OVERWRITE. On Christmas day, I will merge Main Files 2 and Main Files 3 for those who are late to download this patch
Backup Files (46 MB)
These are the files that would most likely be overwritten by the 3rd Main Files patch. This has the original Create-A-Team logos and jerseys. Download this when you don't want to use the '00 Blazers and Pacers and use your own created teams like FIBA, etc.
Main Files 3 will ask you to overwrite your away LA Lakers jerseys. If you do not like the realistic darker jersey colors, back them up yourselves. :) filenames are ua015.iff and r1a015.iff
Med's Roster Patch Appdata Files (Roster Files, Settings, Shoes; 2MB)
If you already have the main files above, only download the current version. This is the only download link that I update.
Roster WOI = Roster without injuries (Rose and others available)
Roster WI = Roster with injuries (Rose and others unavailable)
Current Version: v0.4
Previous Version: v0.3
v0.3 to 0.4 (12/7/12)
-'99 - '00 Portland Trail Blazers
-'99 - '00 Indiana Pacers
-Rick Fox ('97 - '98 Lakers) added
-Phoenix Suns Updated Shoes & Gear
-Portland Trail Blazers Updated Shoes & Gear
-Slim44's Coach Profiles on ALL Teams (Including Legends Teams) for smoother gameplay
-Kevin Murphy (UTA), Kevin Jones & Donald Sloan (CLE), Terrel Harris (MIA), Julyan Stone (DEN) added
-Fixed Justin Bieber and Pauly D's height
-Snoop Dogg & Chamillionaire (CLB) added, removed bald fat guy
-Improved floor texture for Create-A-Team courts.
v0.2 to v0.3 (12/2/12)
-Nick Van Exel ('97 - '98 Lakers)
-Eric Snow ('95 - '96 Sonics, '00 - '01 76ers)
-Rodney Buford, Kevin Ollie ('00 - '01 76ers)
-Walt Hazzard ('70 - '71 Hawks, no black arms)
-Bob Boozer ('70 - '71 Bucks, no black arms)
-Toni Kukoc ('00 - '01 76ers, REMOVED)
-Philadelphia 76ers Shoes and Gear Updated
-Mickael Pietrus (Toronto Raptors)
-Waived Matt Carroll, Luke Harangody, Dominique McGuire
-Removed Terrence Williams, Von Wafer, Gilbert Arenas, Jamaal McGloire, Garret Siler, Hamady N'Diyae, Jermaine Taylor, Sundiata Gaines from Free Agents
v0.1c to v0.2 (11/30/12)
-Bob Boozer, Walt Hazzard, Stacey King, Orlando Woolridge, Toni Kukoc (01 Sixers), Maalik Wayns, Joel Freeland, Derek Fisher added
v0.1b to v0.1c (11/29/12)
-Orlando Magic Updated Shoes & Gear
v0.1 to v0.1b (11/28/12)
-Changed LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Michael Jordan ('85) shoes to their proper shoes that work
v0.1 (11/28/12)
%Appdata% (I will update this everytime so this is what you will download every update)
- Copy the Roster and Settings files and paste it in your Saves folder
Main 2K13 Folder (you will only have to download this once)
- Copy all the Jerseys, Shoes, Cyberfaces, Floors, Logos files and paste it in your main 2K13 folder
When you paste the files OVERWRITE all the files that need to be overwritten. It will not harm your game in anyway and is required to have the roster function perfectly.
This Roster Patch contains
Updated NBA 2K13 Official Roster (November 11) edited and updated until today
Christmas Jerseys unlocked for all teams
Updated Accessory, Headband, Sock and Shoe Colors
Matching Jerseys AND Accessory Colors
Actual Minutes Per Game in Real Life for ALL TEAMS (check the official NBA sites to see for yourself)
All Legends players with long socks (no longer striped socks because Rose has striped socks for his Adidas sleeves)
Mike D'Antoni head coach for Lakers (despite being a November 11 patch, the official patch with him as the head coach came out on November 14)
Some Players Height increased without changing their body type (Paul George now 6'10", Durant 6'11" height in game but listed as 6'10" ;) )
Removed ALL Created Players from Legends Teams
Chris Webber & Sir Charles 
NBA 2K13-NBA 2K12 Signature Animations, Tendencies, Hotspots Accurate for Added Legends (pic shows Kareem's)
Added All Missing Players
Legends Complete
Custom Realistic Gameplay Sliders (it comes with the Unlock All Jerseys setting so if you don't like the realistic gameplay sliders you can always set it to either Default or Simulation :) )
Updated Shoes! Anta KG 3, Pierce, Nike Lunar Hypergamer, Li-Ning Wade, Noah, World Peace, Peak Shoes and more!
Two Rosters! Choose between a Roster with injuries and a Roster without!
'99 - '00 Portland Trail Blazers and '99 - '00 Indiana Pacers
Coach Bird
Body Types Updated (it doesn't even make sense that 2K made Derrick Williams slim and white)
Things to do
-Complete Shoe List for All Players
-Assign Custom Colors to Shoes for More Accuracy
-Add all of the following 10 teams
'99 - '00 Miami Heat
'99 - '00 Indiana Pacers
'99 - '00 Portland Trail Blazers
'00 - '01 Milwaukee Bucks
'01 - '02 Toronto Raptors
'02 - '03 Orlando Magic
'02 - '03 Washington Wizards
'03 - '04 Los Angeles Lakers
'03 - '04 Detroit Pistons
'03 - '04 Minnesota Timberwolves
Realistic Gameplay Sliders Description
-The sliders are set to 50 Game Speed (Game Speed changes time, not just movement. At 100 Game Speed, 1 second is almost just have a second and 0 Game Speed means almost 2 seconds per second. This will ruin your sense of time that's why you shouldn't alter this)
-Fair gameplay against the CPU (CPUs normally have greater attributes in speed, quickness, etc. These have been tweaked to be on fair playing field against the user)
-Hall of Fame difficulty (Hall of Fame is the choice of difficulty because you always want to play on the best mode possible. And the best mode is always the mode with the most challenge without too much frustration)
-Real Player % on both Shooting AND Free Throws (User Shot Stick Timing ruins the experience for casual gamers who do not memorize the releases of their players and it makes it unfair for players who memorize the shot releases)
Everyone participating in the modding communities at NBASpot, ModdingWay, NBA-Live, Operation Sports, 2K, NBASky
landxx, JM9107, Slim44, HAWK23 and Gigsta for inspirations for the rosters! Without you guys I wouldn't think of doing this!
All the guys like AmaroWade, MLLR, tyverch, JEPOYBULLDOG, Warstomp32, DUKEW74, yonly1ME, juan33, and others who make cyberface patches!
All the guys like Mattan, tyverch, SJ1414, etc who make global patches!
All the guys like MLLR, DWayne, etc who make shoe patches!
All the guys like Tha King, etc who make the jersey patches!
All the guys like Sixers85, etc who make court patches!
HAWK23, and Shady00018 for inspiring me to expand this roster into a mini-ultimate roster :)
DukeW74, Leftos, and jaosming from NLSC for taking the time to answer my stupid questions :)
Leftos for the very awesome Roster Editor!
Programs Used
Microsoft Excel
NBA 2K13 Roster Editor
NBA 2K13 Turbo Trainer
NBA 2KX ModTool
NBA 2K13 & 2K12
1. Why aren't the Christmas jerseys working?
-The Settings only unlock the jerseys. We still need to wait for jersey patchers to create the Christmas jerseys.
2. Why are the cyberfaces wrong?
-Make sure to download ALL the Main Files Patches (1, 2, AND 3)
3. Why are the portraits wrong?
-You must have downloaded a bad portrait file. Here is the untouched default 2K portrait file that is compatible with most rosters.
4. Why do the legends have no career data?
-Because they are only added players and not made by 2K officially.
5. Why don't I have the Kevin Durant knee sleeves?
-You need to download a global that has that accessory. Most popular globals that have that are Superglobal Codename Creeds and Crisis
6. Why are the jersey numbers in the wrong place?
-You downloaded a jersey patch that is not compatible with this roster's base which is Nov 10.
7. Why won't you add more retro teams like the '93 Suns?
-I won't add teams earlier than 1999 because you can't edit shorts length until REDitor comes out.
8. Why is there no music in the menu screens?
-I dislike the terrible music in 2K13. Jay Z did a horrible job on the soundtrack. If you want to have the music back. Go to
Settings > Presentation > 2K Menu Music
9. Why aren't the logos working?
-I forgot to upload the logos. I will upload the logos when with all the CAT logos added so I won't have to reupload it.
Known Issues
Dale Davis is ugly, Austin Croshere's hair is ugly, and Damon Stoudamire's head is kind of small. We are currently waiting for better cyberfaces to be made.
'00 Pacers' jersey colors are not very accurate, and the '00 Blazers front number is in the wrong place. We need a jersey patcher to provide a special kind of jersey for this.
Jeff Foster's hair is a little distorted. 2K made it that way by default. We are currently waiting for his 2K12 cyberface to be converted.
I did not create any jerseys, cyberfaces, stadiums, shoes, globals for this roster. I am only a roster patcher. So do not ask me to create any of those other than roster suggestions. :) All the artwork in the game you see are not made by me except for the CAT floor. :)
Feedback is VERY much welcomed! I answer all kinds of comments and questions :)

NBA 2K13 was released ofor the Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Wii. Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls are the cover athletes. NBA 2K13 is the successor to NBA 2K12 in the NBA 2K series.

Download Med's Ultimate Roster v0.4 ('00 Blazers & Pacers). This is a mod for NBA 2K13 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.

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