Team of the Week 20 Prediction

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CATEGORY : FIFA 11 | Official Patches

2019-20 patch for FIFA 11 (from FIFA 20)

AUTHOR tokke001 | March 15 2020 | 17475 hits
Rating : 4.6

This patch is based on FIFA 20, and will 'update' FIFA 11 to the 2019-20 season
The squads (player stats, team tactics, ...) are exactly same as the FIFA 20 ea' squad updates
graphics (kits, shoes, ...) are mostly from fifa 20; combined with files from FIFA 10 (XBOX360), FIFA online 3 & FIFA 16 mods

The most important thing of the patch is that it wont give errors when you play online:
- garanteed no missing heads
- No missing textures (boots, GK gloves, addboards)

this patch is completely free,
only thing I ask u: if u like it tell others about it ;)



- FIFA 11 Selector
included program to change options of the patch the way you like :
* switchable squads (+ backup function for career)
* change new gameplay options
* change intro movie
* enable/disable new music
* xtra options: "run windowed" & "skip intro"
* change winter settings: enable winterballs, winter accesoires
* change arena: stadium, goalkeeper, ball
* change scoreboards
* change default Time/Weather settings
* players - change sleeves, Waist, undershorts, Kit fit, sock Height, winter accs, shoes, ... settings
* enable/disable Tattoos
* tournament graphics: change to (Champions league, EL, WC, ...) graphics - Unique ball, adboards, shoes, ...
* Performances > Performance optimizer, disable Crowd, ...
* Support > Help, regenerator, ...

- FIFA 11 Patch Updater
Included tool to:
* check for avaible updates
* See wich Add-ons are avaible

- FIFA 11 Config screen
* Updated design
* New feature: "run windowed"

- Squads:
* Official EA squad-update from FIFA 20
* ROW Teams
* Classic XI: legends as Pelé, Rijkaard, Gullit, luis figo, Nedved, Maldini, ...

- Career / Tournament mode
* All leagues playable + new added Cups (Copa Libertadores, Saudi Crown Prince Cup, german supercup, copa argentina, ...)
* New playable league 'rest of europe' added
* Updated supercup fixtures

- Kits
* all licensed 2019-20 kits (FIFA 20 + improvements)
* An unique kitnumber-set for each kit
* Classic kits from FIFA 17
* referee kits: english leagues, CL, EL, ...

- Faces:
* FIFA online 3 faces (= FIFA 15 + exclusive FO3)
* generic faces: improved (fifa online 3)
* all faces avaible online & offline (= online compatible)

- Balls (full list included at download)
* league balls
* winter & snow balls (hi-vis, ..)
* CL ball, EL, ...

- 900+ Shoes (full list included at download)
+ updated assignments
* correct models (nike magista "socks", ...)
* assign shoes to players for specific tournaments (CL, EL, ...) with Selector

- 25 new Stadiums (11 playable for game):
* Etihad Stadium (mancity)
* BC Place Stadium (Vancouver Whitecaps)
* Molton Road (generic stadium)
* BayArena (Bayer Leverkusen)
* Stade de Suisse (BSC Young Boys, Switzerland)
* FIWC stadium (Classic XI)
* Arena da Baixada (Atlético Paranaense)
* Arena Corinthians (Corinthians)
* Fonte Nova (Esporte Clube Bahia) (Arena Stadium only)
* Estádio Beira-Rio (Sport Club Internacional)
* Mineirão (Cruzeiro EC, Atlético Mineiro)
* Estádio do Maracanã (brazil national team, Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo, Vasco da Gama)
* Arena Pernambuco (Sport Club do Recife)
* 12 WC'14
* 10 WC'10

- Adboards
* specific adboards for teams & leagues

- 49.000+ mini-faces

- Banners & Flags

- New feature: Kit Fit (tight, normal)

- New feature: Sock Heights (high, normal, low)

- new Body & Jersey (kit)--models (fifa online 3)

- New sideline people: medics, photographers, cameraman, ballboy, police, steward, generic peoples

- Goalkeeper Gloves

- New winter-gloves: black nike

- xtra Goalnet-Colors

- updated / licensed logos & names (teams, leagues, trophies,...)

- New Intro & improved menus:

* realife player-pictures
* New intro movie(s)
* Redesigned FIFA 11 config
* ...

- realistic Sponsers for career
* Nike, ...

- optional (can be turned on/off):
* 2 new gameplays avaible ("Hybrid gameplay" or "fifa online 3")
* New scoreboards
* New music
* tattoos for players
* Performance Optimizer

- reprogrammed files (.lua files): as based on the work of scouser09 's Revolution Mod
makes it possible to add new features to the game, wich are fully online compatible:
* new faces (now online compatible)
* kits: Extra GK kits, specific referee kits, ...
* shoe assignments: unlimited shoe-ids can be assigned (+ now online compatible)
* balls: assign winter/snow balls
* adboards: assign specific adboards to teams
* tattoos: assign playerskins (tattoos) to players
* goalnet-coulours: assign goalnet-coulours to specific teams/stadiums (+ online compatible)
* arena: assign stadium & gk kit
* 'classic' graphics: assign specific textures (adboards, balls, referee kits, ...) to the classic kit wich is selected
* (winter) accessories improvements
* ...

garanteed compatibility with online mode: no missing textures, ... for other players
Supported languages: english, Czech, dutch, french, german, hungary, italian, spanish (2X), portuguese, polish, russian

1. install fifa 11
2. install ea patch (1.01)

3. install 2019-20 patch (v1.0) for FIFA 11
* run installer "2019-20 patch (v1.0) for FIFA 11 (part 1 of 2).exe"
* run installer "2019-20 patch (v1.0) for FIFA 11 (part 2 of 2).exe"

4. apply new Squads
* Open Selector > Select database > "1. Default squads (Updated)" > ONLINE version / OFFLINE version > Apply Database
* "Done"

- Selector dont start up (if u have .net 2.0) : copy included "Selector (.NET 2.0 version)" folder content to FIFA 11 folder
- crashes, ...: use the "i68 regenerator" (select "take care of edited files..." > go , can take some time)


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TOTAL HITS : 337899
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FIFA Soccer 11 is the 18th title in Electronic Arts FIFA series of football video games. The Windows version of FIFA 11 will be the first in the series to use the same game engine as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. FIFA 11 will feature different players on the cover in each region, though Kaka will be featured globally. 28 officially licensed leagues, over 500 licensed teams and more than 15,000 players.
Download 2019-20 patch for FIFA 11 (from FI XX). This is a mod for FIFA 11 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.