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Category : FIFA 19 / Tools


AUTHOR : Reus1995 | October 18 2019 | 5772 hits
TOTAL HITS : 13450


Game : FIFA 19
Category : Tools


This mod is hosted at our servers.


This tool will allow you to mod FIFA 17,18,19 and 20 files and textures. PASSWORD FROM ARCHIVE: qwerty

Here are the features of the latest version:


  • Added FIFA20 full profile
  • Updated SDK for SWBF2
  • Updated SDK for BFV
  • Updated SDK for Anthem
  • Fixed crash when attempting to load meshes in BFV


  • Added filtering to the property grid. Can filter by property name or by an internal/external guid
  • Fixed an issue where newer format EBX were not rewriting correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the editor would crash when trying to display an invalid reference
  • Fixed some more reference assigning issues


  • Fix for legacy db changes causing game to crash in Madden20
  • Fix for crashing when attempting to edit network registry assets
  • Small fix for ShaderBlockDepot boolean edits
  • Fix for extra / detection in duplicate asset filename


  • Added Madden20 full profile
  • Added Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare read only profile
  • Added the ability to add and remove new root level instances to an ebx (via the View Instances dialog)
  • Added the ability to rename and duplicate instances via same dialog
  • Added the ability to copy and paste objects and arrays
  • Added the ability to duplicate an asset (and change its type) comes with a long list of caveats
  • Modifying mesh materials and object variations in SWBF2 will now update the appropriate ShaderBlockDepot files
  • Added more inline classes to SWBF2 profile
  • Fixed crash that would result when you saved at the same time an autosave was being performed
  • Fixed an issue that would result in the pitch in FIFA19 appearing white (as well as potentially other bundle related issues)
  • Fixed a couple of type info generation related issues for Mass Effect
  • Fixed an issue where the PointerRef dropdown box would appear cut off, not allowing you to scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Fixed setting a shader to null in a mesh material would result in a crash


  • Fix to numerous assets not being able to be opened


  • Fix for indexing assets after patch causing Frosty to crash with Anthem
  • ResMeta now exported along with res (first 0x10 bytes) and imported
  • Fix to 2gb limit on chunk based superbundles
  • Fixed issue with inserted items appearing in incorrect locations


  • Fixed importing mods made in a prior patch causing error/crash
  • Fixed saving project with kit previewer open crashing
  • Fixed crash when exporting skinned meshes from Anthem
  • Fixed sound continuing to play when using the close all documents command


  • Added a menu option to close all documents
  • Added a reference viewer, allowing the user to see where an asset is referenced and what it references
  • Added a bundle reference viewer, allowing the user to see what bundles an asset is in (was previously a right click to log option)
  • Added read only profile for Anthem
  • Added read only profile for Battlefield V
  • Added profile for Need for Speed Rivals
  • Added read only profile for Need for Speed Online
  • Added an experimental kit previewer for Fifa
  • Added the ability to bookmark legacy items
  • Added a few legacy asset editors/viewers (DB, DDS, BIG, AST, etc.)
  • Added a shader compilation system for the renderer allowing the end user to author their own shaders to use in place of the built in shader
  • Added experimental resource explorer, allowing the exporting and importing of raw res and chunk files
  • Added experimental localized string viewer with the ability to export all strings and ids to a csv file (no editing)
  • Added experimental ebx export to xml (found under tools)
  • Added discord RPC functionality
  • Added mod category grouping to the mod manager
  • Added a linear transform editor that shows the position, rotation (as Yaw/Pitch/Roll) and scale
  • Added a patch summary window when a game has been updated showing which files have been added/modified/removed
  • Added profile selection window to mod manager
  • Added an options window for configuring some basic Frosty options
  • Added the ability to view texture and variation db locations for each variation of a mesh material
  • Added FIFA19 full profile (editing now enabled)
  • Added a new skeleton picker (allows filtering and folders)
  • Added a branch tree view for conversations in DAI, MEA and Anthem, allowing the user to access previously inaccessible items
  • Exporting a composite mesh will now export any embedded composite part transforms
  • Improved start times of the application and apply times for most games
  • Moved legacy viewer for Fifa/Madden to the same location as the data explorer with a menu item to switch between the two
  • Revamped the property grid, allowing for increased functionality
  • Revamped the mesh renderer, better rendering, and more responsive
  • Fixed the save on close prompt, will cancel the close request if the user clicks the x instead of Yes or No
  • Fixed affected files listing freezing up the UI when mods have thousands of edited files
  • Fixed a crash when exporting uncompressed volume textures as non DDS formats
  • Fixed FIFA19 meshes exporting incorrectly
  • Updated SDKs to the latest patch version

FIFA 19 features the UEFA club competitions for the first time, including the UEFA Champions League. The character Alex Hunter, who first appeared in FIFA 17 returns for the third and final installment of "The Journey", entitled, "The Journey: Champions".

Gameplay changes on FIFA 19 include the new "Active Touch System"— an overhaul of player control, "timed finishing"— where the kick button may be pressed a second time to determine the exact moment the ball is actually kicked, "50/50 battles"— a system for determining how likely a player will win loose balls, and "Dynamic Tactics"— which allows players to configure strategies, and switch between them in real-time during a match.

Download FROSTY MOD MANAGER This is a mod for FIFA 19 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.

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