Team of the Week 9 Prediction

This is our Team of The Week 9 Prediction. Cristiano, Haland, Lukaku among the best players that would probably be included in the next TOTW. Check out other players and the reasons behind this prediction.


EFL Championship Squad Foundations Objectives

3 English Football League Championship players have been awarded special items that you can get by completing Squad Foundation's objectives. King, Sinclair and Dack. Check out the objectives you have to complete to get these items.


Hector Bellerín League Player Objective

Hector Bellerín League Player card has been released and you can get by completing objectives playing friendlies, in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.


New Packs in Code probably coming next Black Friday

New packs have been added to FUT 21 code and they are probably related to Black Friday's promo. They guarantee players with an overall of 81+ or 83+. Check out the details.


Icons SBCs are back

Icon SBCs are back with 3 icons. 2 Mid Icons, Figo and Zanetti, and a Base Icon, van der Saar. You have 30 days to complete them and all packs you get for completing this SBC are tradeable. Check out the details.

CATEGORY : NBA 2K12 | Rosters

Ultimate Base Roster V15 [215 Teams Now Association Compatible]

AUTHOR HAWK23 | May 20 2012 | 4236 hits
Rating : 5

Major Updates in V15:

•   All 215 current/retro/all-time teams now work in association mode, season mode, and playoff mode!!!
•    1 new team added (94-95 Dallas Mavericks)
•    The 2006-2007 and 1993-1994 Warriors rosters were edited for better accuracy
•    Updated the roster to the latest NBA2K12 Official Update (5/18/2012)
•    Edited/tweaked multiple portraits/ratings/player information for better accuracy


Preview of the 1994-1995 Dallas Mavericks (newest team added):




181 Retro/Legend Teams + 30 Current NBA Teams + East/West/Rookies/Sophomores = 215 Selectable Teams

All created retro teams have been added into the game (using correct jerseys and courts) without using up a created team slot. The teams listed below are teams created by myself and a few others.
Team Additions to the roster (while keeping all other retro teams that came with game and updated current NBA teams):

30 All-Time Franchise Teams (HAWK23)
• All-Time 2010’s Legends Team (HAWK23)
• All-Time 2000’s Legends Team (HAWK23)
• All-Time 1990’s Legends Team (HAWK23)
• All-Time 1980’s Legends Team (HAWK23)
• All-Time 1970’s Legends Team (HAWK23)
• All-Time 1960’s Legends Team (HAWK23)
• All-Time 1950’s Legends Team (HAWK23)
• 2008 USA Redeem Team (HAWK23)
• 1992 Dream Team (HAWK23)
• 2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks (HAWK23)
• 2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers (Laker06)
• 2008-2009 Portland Trail Blazers (Brenzon)
• 2008-2009 Orlando Magic (HAWK23)
• 2008-2009 Houston Rockets (Nuhmete)
• 2008-2009 Cleveland Cavaliers (Laker06)
• 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers (Laker06)
• 2007-2008 New Orleans Hornets (Nuhmete)
• 2007-2008 Boston Celtics (HAWK23)
• 2007-2008 Seattle SuperSonics (Nuhmete)
• 2006-2007 San Antonio Spurs (Laker06)
• 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors (TSD77)
• 2006-2007 Phoenix Suns (TSD77 tweaked by Nuhmete)
• 2006-2007 Denver Nuggets (TSD77 tweaked by Nuhmete)
• 2006-2007 Utah Jazz (Nuhmete)
• 2005-2006 Los Angeles Clippers (TDS77)
• 2005-2006 Los Angeles Lakers (Tommyhtc)
• 2005-2006 Miami Heat (HAWK23)
• 2005-2006 Washington Wizards (TSD77)
• 2004-2005 Seattle SuperSonics (Nuhmete)
• 2004-2005 Phoenix Suns (Tylerthecreature)
• 2004-2005 San Antonio Spurs (Tylerthecreature)
• 2003-2004 Houston Rockets (Laker06)
• 2003-2004 Dallas Mavericks (TSD77)
• 2003-2004 Detroit Pistons (HAWK23)
• 2003-2004 Indiana Pacers (CecilHayes)
• 2003-2004 Los Angeles Lakers (HAWK23)
• 2003-2004 Minnesota Timberwolves (HAWK23)
• 2002-2003 San Antonio Spurs (TSD77)
• 2002-2003 Washington Wizards (HAWK23)
• 2002-2003 Orlando Magic (CecilHayes)
• 2001-2002 Los Angeles Lakers (TSD77)
• 2001-2002 New Jersey Nets (HAWK23)
• 2000-2001 Los Angeles Lakers (tylerthecreature)
• 2000-2001 Milwakuee Bucks (TSD77)
• 2000-2001 Dallas Mavericks (Laker06)
• 2000-2001 Sacramento Kings (Brenzon)
• 2000-2001 Philadelphia 76ers (HAWK23)
• 1999-2000 Los Angeles Lakers (HAWK23)
• 1999-2000 Portland Trailblazers (HAWK23)
• 1999-2000 Indiana Pacers (HAWK23)
• 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors (HAWK23)
• 1998-1999 San Antonio Spurs (Nuhmete)
• 1998-1999 New York Knicks (HAWK23)
• 1997-1998 Minnesota Timberwolves (HAWK23)
• 1997-1998 Indiana Pacers (HAWK23)
• 1996-1997 Phoenix Suns (Laker06)
• 1996-1997 Los Angeles Lakers (Broadsun)   
• 1996-1997 Philadelphia 76ers (HAWK23)
• 1996-1997 Washington Bullets (Nuhmete)
• 1996-1997 Detroit Pistons (HAWK23)
• 1996-1997 Houston Rockets (TSD77)
• 1996-1997 Chicago Bulls (Nuhmete)
• 1996-1997 Charlotte Hornets (HAWK23)
• 1996-1997 Atlanta Hawks (RF10)
• 1996-1997 Utah Jazz (Conv from NBA2K11)
• 1996-1997 Miami Heat (HAWK23)
• 1995-1996 New York Knicks (Broadsun)
• 1994-1995 Dallas Mavericks (HAWK23)
• 1994-1995 Indiana Pacers (Laker06)
• 1994-1995 San Antonio Spurs (RF10)
• 1994-1995 Houston Rockets (Maximus)
• 1993-1994 Golden State Warriors (HAWK23)
• 1992-1993 Seattle SuperSonics (Nuhmete)
• 1992-1993 New Jersey Nets (Nuhmete)
• 1992-1993 New York Knicks (HAWK23)
• 1992-1993 Phoenix Suns (HAWK23)
• 1991-1992 Portland Trail Blazers (Conv from NBA2K11)
• 1991-1992 Chicago Bulls (HAWK23)
• 1991-1992 Boston Celtics (CecilHayes)
• 1990-1991 Utah Jazz (tommyhtc)
• 1989-1990 Atlanta Hawks (Conv from NBA2K11)
• 1989-1990 Detroit Pistons (Conv from NBA2K11)
• 1989-1990 Chicago Bulls (Conv from NBA2K11)
• 1986-1987 Seattle Supersonics (RF10)
• 1987-1988 Dallas Mavericks (Nuhmete)
• 1985-1986 Houston Rockets (Maximus)
• 1984-1985 New York Knicks (HAWK23)
• 1984-1985 Denver Nuggets (RF10)
• 1983-1984 Utah Jazz (RF10)
• 1982-1983 San Antonio Spurs (RF10)
• 1982-1983 Philadelphia 76ers (RF10)
• 1981-1982 Denver Nuggets (RF10)
• 1981-1982 Los Angeles Lakers (TSD77)
• 1980-1981 Boston Celtics (CecilHayes)
• 1979-1980 Los Angeles Lakers (Nuhmete)
• 1978-1979 Seattle Supersonics (Nuhmete)
• 1977-1978 Washington Bullets (HAWK23)
• 1976-1977 New York Knicks (RF10)
• 1976-1977 Portland Trail Blazers (Jayatsena)
• 1975-1976 New York Nets (Brenzon)
• 1974-1975 Buffalo Braves (RF10)
• 1974-1975 Golden State Warriors (johnpipepipe)
• 1973-1974 Boston Celtics (RF10 tweaked by Nuhmete)
• 1971-1972 Chicago Bulls (Francis27nba)
• 1969-1970 Baltimore Bullets (jayatsena)
• 1969-1970 Philadelphia 76ers (jayatsena)
• 1966-1967 San Francisco Warriors (RF10)
• 1961-1962 Cincinnati Royals (jayatsena)
• 1961-1962 Philadelphia Warriors (jayatsena)
• 1959-1960 Boston Celtics (RF10)
• 1957-1958 St. Louis Hawks (jayatsena)
• 1954-1955 Syracuse Nationals (jayatsena)
• 1954-1955 Fort Wayne Pistons (jayatsena)
• 1951-1952 Minneapolis Lakers (jayatsena)


Assigned Paul Westhead to coach 80 Lakers
Assigned Johnny Davis to coach 97 Sixers
Assigned Nate McMillan to coach 05 Sonics, 09 Blazers
Assigned Eddie Jordan to coach 06 Wizards
Assigned Rick Carlisle to coach 04 Pacers
Assigned Doc Rivers to coach 03 Magic
Assigned George Karl to coach 01 Bucks
Assigned Bernie Bickerstaff to coach 97 Bullets
Assigned Rudy Tomjanovic to coach 95 Rockets
Assigned Bill Fitch to coach 81 Celtics, 86 Rockets
Assigned Dick Motta to coach 78 Bullets, 88 Mavs, 95 Mavs
Assigned Charles Wolf to coach 62 Royals
Assigned Frank McGuire to coach 62 Warriors
Assigned Alex Hannum to coach 58 Hawks
Added John Kundla to coach 52 Lakers, 1950's All-Decade Team
Assigned Butch Carter to coach the 00 Raptors
Assigned Lionell Hollins as the top assistant for the 93 Suns
Assigned Chuck Daly (with cyberface) to coach 89 Pistons, 93 Nets, Dream Team, 80’s Legends, 90 Pistons
Assigned Phil Jackson (with appropriate cyberfaces) to coach 91, 92, 93, 95, 96, 97, 98, Bulls and 00, 02, 04, 06, 09 Lakers, 00 Legends, 90’s Legends, (Corrected height)
Assigned PJ Carlesimo (with cyberface) to coach 2008 Sonics
Assigned Pat Riley (with cyberface) to coach 06 Heat, 97 Heat, 95 Knicks, 87 Lakers, 80’s Legends, (Corrected height)
Assigned Jerry Sloan (with cyberface) to coach 98, 07 Jazz, 90’s Legends
Assigned Flip Saunders (with cyberface) to coach 98, 04 Timberwolves
Assigned Larry Brown (with cyberface) to coach 04 Pistons, 01 76ers
Assigned Byron Scott (with cyberface) to coach 02 Nets, 08 Hornets
Assigned Doug Collins (with cyberface) to coach 03 Wizards, 97 Pistons
Assigned Rick Adelman (with cyberface) to coach 09 Rockets, 02 Kings, 01 Kings, 91, 92 Blazers
Assigned Larry Brown (with cyberface) to coach 98, 00 Pacers
Assigned Greg Popovich (with cyberface) to coach 98, 03 Spurs, 90’s Legends, 05 Spurs
Assigned Brian Hill (with cyberface) to coach 95 Magic
Assigned Dan Issel (with cyberface) to coach 94 Nuggets
Assigned Paul Westphaul (with cyberface) to coach 93 Suns
Assigned Dave Cowens (with cyberface) to coach 97 Hornets
Assigned Mike Dunleavy (with cyberface) to coach 00 Blazers, 91 Lakers, 06 Clippers
Assigned Don Nelson (with cyberface) to coach 07, 90 Warriors, 85 Bucks
Assigned Stan Albeck to coach 83 Spurs, 86 Bulls
Assigned Billy Cunningham to coach 83, 85 Sixers
Assigned Lenny Wilkins (with cyberface) to coach 89 Cavs
Assigned KC Jones (with cyberface) to coach 86 Celtics
Assigned Mike Fratello (with cyberface) to coach 86 Hawks, 90 Hawks
Assigned Jeff Van Gundy (with cyberface) to coach 99 Knicks, 96 Knicks
Assigned Red Holzman to coach 70’s Knicks, 70’s Legends
Assigned Mike D’Antoni to coach 07 Suns, 2008 Redeem Team, 05 Suns
Assigned Red Auerbach to coach 60’s Celtics, 60’s Legends
Assigned Mike Krzyzewski to coach 2008 Redeem Team
Assigned Jack Ramsay to coach 70’s Legends, 75 Braves
Assigned Danny Ainge (with cyberface) to coach 97 Suns
Assigned Del Harris to coach 97, 98 Lakers
Assigned Bob Hill to coach 95 Spurs
Assigned Chris Ford to coach 92 Celtics
Assigned Doug Moe to coach 82, 85 Nuggets
Assigned Frank Layden to coach 84 Jazz
Assigned Al Attles to coach 75 Warriors
Assigned Kevin Loughery to coach 76 Nets
Assigned Bill Sharman to coach 67 Warriors, 72 Lakers   

All-Time Franchise Team Head Coaches:

All-Time Hawks HC – Lenny Wilkens
All-Time Bobcats HC – Bernie Bickerstaff
All-Time Bulls HC – Phil Jackson
All-Time Cavaliers HC - Mike Fratello
All-Time Mavericks HC – Dick Motta
All-Time Nuggets HC – Doug Moe
All-Time Pistons HC – Chuck Daly
All-Time Warriors HC – Al Attles
All-Time Rockets HC – Rudy Tomjanovich
All-Time Pacers HC – Slick Leonard
All-Time Clippers HC – Jack Ramsay
All-Time Grizzlies HC – Hubie Brown
All-Time Heat HC – Pat Riley
All-Time Bucks HC – Larry Costello
All-Time T-Wolves HC – Flip Saunders
All-Time Nets HC – Byron Scott
All-Time Hornets HC – Paul Silas
All-Time Knicks HC – Red Holzman
All-Time Sonics HC – Lenny Wilkens
All-Time Magic HC – Brian Hill
All-Time 76ers HC – Larry Brown
All-Time Suns HC – Paul Westphal
All-Time Blazers HC – Jack Ramsay
All-Time Kings HC – Rick Adelman
All-Time Spurs HC – Gregg Popovich
All-Time Raptors HC – Lenny Wilkens
All-Time Jazz HC – Jerry Sloan
All-Time Wizards HC – Gene Shue

All-Time Franchise  Assistant Coaches:

All-Time Hawks AC – Mike Fratello
All-Time Bobcats AC – Larry Brown
All-Time Bulls AC – Dick Motta
All-Time Cavaliers AC – Lenny Wilkens
All-Time Mavericks AC – Don Nelson
All-Time Nuggets AC – George Karl
All-Time Pistons AC – Larry Brown
All-Time Warriors AC – Don Nelson
All-Time Rockets AC – Bill Fitch
All-Time Pacers AC – Larry Brown
All-Time Clippers AC – Mike Dunleavy
All-Time Lakers AC – Pat Riley
All-Time Grizzlies AC – Lionel Hollins
All-Time Heat AC – Stan Van Gundy
All-Time Bucks AC – Don Nelson
All-Time T-Wolves AC – Dwane Casey
All-Time Nets AC – Kevin Laughery
All-Time Hornets AC – Byron Scott
All-Time Knicks AC – Pat Riley
All-Time Sonics AC – George Karl
All-Time Magic AC – Doc Rivers
All-Time 76ers AC – Billy Cunningham
All-Time Suns AC – Paul Westphal
All-Time Blazers AC – Jack Ramsay
All-Time Kings AC – Rick Adelman
All-Time Spurs AC – Doug Moe
All-Time Raptors AC – Sam Mitchell
All-Time Jazz AC – Frank Layden
All-Time Wizards AC – Eddie Jordan


Created/Added logo for All 2010’s, 2000’s, 1990’s, 1980’s, 1970’s, 1960’s, and 1950’s All-Time Decade Legend Teams
• 2008-2009 & 2002-2003 Orlando Magic have their real retro logo
• 2007-2008/2004-2005 Seattle Supersonics have their real retro logo
• 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors have their real retro logo
• 2006-2007 Utah Jazz have their real retro logo
• 2003-2004 & 1997-1998 Minnesota Timberwolves have their real retro logo
• 2002-2003/2005-2006 Washington Wizards have their real retro logo
• 2000-2001 Philadelphia 76ers have their real retro logo
• 2000-2001 Milwaukee Bucks have their real retro logo
• 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors have their real retro logo
• 1996-1997 Detroit Pistons have their real retro logo
• 1996-1997 Miami Heat have their real retro logo
• 1996-1997 Philadelphia 76ers have their real retro logo (Fixed issue)
• 1996-1997 Washington Bullets have their real retro logo (Fixed issue)
• 1996-1997 Houston Rockets have their real retro logo
• 1996-1997 Atlanta Hawks retro logo
• 1992-1993 New Jersey Nets have their real retro logo
• 1992-1993/1996-1997 Phoenix Suns have their real retro logo
• 1992 Dream Team have their real retro logo
• 1987-1988/1994-1995/2000-2001 Dallas Mavericks have their real retro logo
• 1986-1987 Seattle Supersonics retro logo
• 1984-1985 New York Knicks have their real retro logo
• 1983-1984 & 1990-1991 Utah Jazz have their real retro logo
• 1982-1983 San Antonio Spurs have their real retro logo
• 1981-1982 & 1984-1985 Denver Nuggets have their real retro logo
• 1978-1979 Seattle Supersonics have their real retro logo
• 1977-1978 Washington Bullets have their real retro logo
• 1976-1977 Portland Trail Blazers have their real retro logo
• 1975-1976 New York Nets real retro logo
• 1974-1975 Buffalo Braves real retro logo
• 1969-1970 Baltimore Bullets have their real retro logo
• 1966-1967 San Francisco Warriors have their real retro logo
• 1961-1962 Philadelphia Warriors have their real retro logo
• 1961-1962 Cincinnati Royals have their real retro logo
• 1957-1958 St. Louis Hawks have their real retro logo
• 1954-1955 Syracuse Nationals real retro logo
• 1954-1955 Fort Wayne Pistons real retro logo
• 1951-1952 Minneapolis Lakers have their real retro logo

All other retro teams have logos from the original teams already included in the roster. These were just additional files added to the patch.

I’ve also added some other surprise logos (50’s Knicks, 70’s Cavs, 70’s/80’s Suns, 70’s Nuggets, 70’s Pacers, 90’s Cavs etc)

Preview pics of just a few of the logo adds:





• Real Arena Names: Real arena names for every arena that was given a fake name now has accurate names. For example "Seattle Arena" is now named "KeyArena" etc. I did this for my created retro teams, the retro teams that came with the game, AND the real NBA teams (ex: Madison Square Garden now shows up instead of “Knicks Arena”).

2008 Redeem Team Beijing court courtesy RETRO
• Assigned All 2000’s, 1990’s, 1980’s, 1970’s, and 1960’s Legend Teams to the All-Star Court
• 2008-2009 Cleveland Cavaliers now have a real court/arena courtesy of RETRO
• 2007-2008 New Orleans Hornets now have a more accurate court/arena courtesy of RETRO
• 2007-2008 Boston Celtics now have a more accurate court/arena courtesy of RETRO
• 2006-2007 Denver Nuggets now have a real court courtesy of Francis27nba
• 2004-2005 & 2007-2008 Seattle Sonics have a real court/arena courtesy MythBuster
• 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors have a real court/arena courtesy RETRO
• 2006-2007 Phoenix Suns have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 2006-2007 Utah Jazz now have a real court/arena courtesy of RETRO
• 2003-2004 Detroit Pistons now have an updated/better version of The Palace courtesy of Francis27nba
• 2003-2004/1997-1998 Minnesota Timberwolves have a real court/arena courtesy of Mythbuster
• 2002-2003/2005-2006 Washington Wizards now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 2000-2001 Philadelphia 76ers now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1999-2000 Portland Trailblazers now have an updated/better version of The Rose Garden courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1999-2000 Indiana Pacers now have a real court/arena courtesy of RETRO
• 1997-1998 & 1994-1995 Indiana Pacers now have a real court courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1998-1999 New York Knicks now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1997-1998 & 2002-2003 San Antonio Spurs have their real courts courtesy of RETRO
• 1996-1997 Atlanta Hawks court courtesy RETRO
• 1996-1997 Philadelphia 76ers now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1996-1997 Washington Bullets now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1996-1997 Detroit Pistons now have a real court/arena for the Palace courtesy of RETRO
• 1996-1997 Miami Heat now have a real court/arena courtesy of RETRO
• 1996-1997 Houston Rockets now have a real court/arena courtesy of RETRO
• 1996-1997 Phoenix Suns now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1992-1993 New Jersey Nets now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1992-1993 Charlotte Hornets court update courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1993-1994 Denver Nuggets now have an updated/better court courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1992-1993/1996-1997 Phoenix Suns now have an updated/better version of America West Arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1996-1997 Atlanta Hawks court courtesy Francis27nba
• 1987-1988/1994-1995 Dallas Mavericks court courtesy RETRO
• 1986-1987 Seattle Supersonics court courtesy Francis27nba RETRO
• 1985-1986 Milwaukee Bucks court update courtesy of RETRO
• 1985-1986 Atlanta Hawks court update courtesy of RETRO
• 1984-1985 New York Knicks now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1982-1983 San Antonio Spurs now have a real court courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1981-1982 & 1984-1985 Denver Nuggets now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1978-1979 Seattle SuperSonics now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1977-1978 Washington Bullets now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1976-1977 Portland Trailblazers now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1974-1975 Buffalo Braves now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1971-1972 Chicago Bulls now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1969-1970 Baltimore Bullets now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1966-1967 Philadelphia Warriors now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• 1957-1958 St. Louis Hawks now have a real court/arena courtesy of Francis27nba
• Fictional All-Decade Court created courtesy RETRO
• Added General Motors Place (Vancouver Grizzlies 1997-2001) and Gund Arena (Cleveland Cavaliers 1996-2003) as options to choose from

*Retro dornas were also added in V3 for some retro team arenas (courtesy Byczek)


Every retro team now has their correct jerseys (not custom made ones). When you select a team from the quick play screen the game will automatically give the team their correct jersey (no need to scroll).

Added 2008 USA Redeem Team Jerseys (Courtesy EDA)
• Created/Added jerseys for All 2000’s, 1990’s, 1980’s, 1970’s, and 1960’s Legend Team
• 2007-2008 Seattle SuperSonics have real jerseys courtesy blkmagnum22
• 2003-2004 Dallas Mavericks have real away jersey
• 2003-2004 Minnesota Timberwolves have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 2002-2003/2004-2005 Washington Wizards have real retro jerseys/ Throwback & alt jersey Added
• 2002-2003 Orlando Magic have real retro jerseys (Courtesy of Laker06)
• 2001-2002 New Jersey Nets have real retro jerseys (Courtesy of Laker06)
• 2000-2001 Milwakuee Bucks have real retro jerseys courtesy Stomp/Inbar
• 2000-2001 Philadelphia 76ers have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1999-2000 Portland Trail Blazers have real retro home jerseys courtesy Laker06
• 1999-2000 Los Angeles Lakers have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1999-2000 Indiana Pacers have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors have real retro jerseys (came with game) (Added away jersey-formyhunny)
• 1998-1999 New York Knicks have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1997-1998 Minnesota Timberwolves have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1997-1998 Indiana Pacers have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1996-1997 Detroit Pistons have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1996-1997 Washington Bullets have real retro jerseys (converted/# fixed)
• 1996-1997 Houston Rockets have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1996-1997 Philadelphia 76ers have real retro jerseys (Courtesy of Laker06)
• 1996-1997 Miami Heat have real retro jerseys (came with game)
• 1996 & 1997 Chicago Bulls black alternate jerseys with red pinstripe were Added (Courtesy of JoeJames)
• 1992-1993 New Jersey Nets have real retro jerseys (I converted some jersey files from NBA2K11) /
• 1992-1993 Phoenix Suns have real jerseys courtesy Jazza2319 and Juan33
• 1992 Dream Team has real jerseys (Courtesy of L1n0v3rG4m3) / set corrected
• 1987-1988/1994-1995/2000-2001 Dallas Mavericks have real retro jerseys
• 1971-1972 Chicago Bulls have real retro jerseys (Courtesy of Francis27nba)
• Added the black alternate jersey for the 96, 97, 98 Chicago Bulls / Non-pinstriped version Added
• Created 61-62 Royals retro away jersey (Retro home jersey came with game)
• Created 61-62 Warriors retro home jersey (Retro away jersey came with game)
• Assigned retro team jerseys to 85 Knicks, 58 Hawks (not completely accurate)
• Fixed issue with 86 Rockets and 85 Knicks shorts length
• Re-Added current 76ers away jersey which was mistakenly overwritten

All other retro teams have logos from the original teams already included in the roster. These were just additional files added to the patch or changes were made to ensure teams originally had these uniforms selected. There were also multiple changes to ensure teams now have the correct jersey fit and shorts length.

A total of 40 hidden & converted jerseys are added to the current/all-time teams as options to choose from (courtesy rj86/converted by Nuhmete). Special Uniforms Pack (courtesy JoeJames) is added to fix some alternates appearing as blank white.

A retro all-star pack of 20 jerseys were included as options for the all-star teams to pick from (courtesy RETRO)
Multiple alternate jerseys were added in V9 to some of the retro teams including 01 Bucks hunter jersey, 99 Raptors Dinos jersey, 07 Suns orange jersey, 07 Nuggets cursive script jersey, 09 Cavs alternate jersey.

Portrait Adds/Edits:

Over 1,000+ portraits were added to NBA2K12's Portrait.iff files. No portraits were removed or edited. Every single portrait that came with the game is still included. Huge credits go out to Wim.vl for the mastermind behind being able to add all these new portraits. Nuhmete and I went through and found 275+ portraits to add to Wim.vl's already great portrait file. Keep in mind the names below are only retro player / legend player portraits that were added. The file ALSO includes ALL of the rookie portraits from this past season in neutral white jerseys.

A.C. Green
Aaron James
Aaron McKie
Aaron Williams
Adam Keefe
Adrian Dantley
Adrian Smith
Al Attles
Alaa Abdelnaby
Alan Henderson
Allan Houston
Allen Iverson (Young)
Alonzo Mourning
Alonzo Mourning (older)
Alton Lister
Alvan Adams
Alvin Robertson
Alvin Williams
Alvin Williams
Andrew Declercq
Andrew Lang
Andrew Toney
Andy Philip
Andy Toolson
Anthony Avent
Anthony Bonner
Anthony Bowie
Anthony Mason
Anthony Peeler
Antoine Carr
Antonio Davis
Antonio Harvey
Armon Gilliam
Artis Gilmore
Arvydas Sabonis
Austin Carr
Austin Croshere
Avery Johnson
Bailey Howell
Benoit Benjamin
Bernard King
Bill Bradley
Bill Bridges
Bill Curly
Bill Melchionni
Bill Zopf
Billy Knight
Billy Owens
Billy Paultz
Billy Thompson
Bingo Smith
Bison Dele/Brian Williams
Blue Edwards
Bo Outlaw
Bob Bockhorn
Bob Boozer
Bob Christian
Bob Dandridge
Bob Davies
Bob Gross
Bob Kauffman
Bob Lanier
Bob Love
Bob Sura
Bob Weiss
Bobby Hansen
Bobby Jackson
Bobby Jones
Bobby Phills
Bobby Wanzer
Bonzi Wells
Bostjan Nachbar
Brad Davis
Brad Lohaus
Brad Sellers
Brent Barry
Brent Price
Brevin Knight
Brian Grant
Brian Shaw
Brian Taylor
Brian Winters
Brooks Thompson
Bryant Reeves
Bryant Stith
Bryon Russel (younger)
Buck Johnson
Buck Williams
Butch Beard
Byron Beck
Byron Houston
Calbert Cheany
Caldwell Jones
Calvin Murphy
Calvin Natt
Carl Braun
Carl Herrera
Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets era)
Casey Jacobson
Cedric Ceballos
Cedric Henderson
Charles Barkley
Charles Davis
Charles Jones
Charles Oakley (Older)
Charles Shackelford
Charles Smith
Charlie Scott
Charlie Ward
Cherokee Parks
Chet Walker
Chris Carr
Chris Childs
Chris Dudley
Chris Gatling
Chris Mills
Chris Morris
Chris Webber
Chris Webber - bald/warriors
Chris Webber (Kings)
Chris Whitney
Christian Laettner
Chuck Person
Chucky Brown
Clarence Weatherspoon
Clark Kellogg
Clemon Johnson
Cliff Hagan
Clifford Ray
Clifford Robinson
Clyde Lee
Clyde Lovellette
Corie Blount
Corliss Williamson
Cuttino Mobley
Dale Davis
Dale Ellis
Damon Stoudamire
Dan Roundfield
Dana Barros
Daniel Ewing
Danny Ferry
Danny Fortson
Danny Manning
Danny Schayes
Danny Young
Darius Miles
Darrall Imhoff
Darrell Armstrong
Darrell Griffith
Darrell Walker
Darrick Martin
Darvin Ham
Dave Bing
Dave Debusschere
Dave Twardzik
David Beniot
David Greenwood
David Wesley (better picture)
David Wesley YOUNG
David Wingate
Dee Brown
Delaney Rudd
Dell Curry
Dennis Hopson
Dennis Rodman (Bulls)
Dennis Rodman (Spurs era)
Dennis Scott
Derek Anderson
Derek Fisher (Young)
Derrick Coleman
Derrick McKey
Desmond Mason
Dick Barnett
Dick Cunningham
Dick Van Arsdale
Dickey Simpkins
Dikembe Mutombo
Dino Radja
Dirk Nowitzki (Young)
Dolph Shayes
Don Chaney
Don MacLean
Don Nelson
Don Reid
Donald Royal
Donny Marshall
Donyell Marshall (not Donny)
Doug Christie (Older)
Doug Christie (Young)
Doug Collins
Doug Overton
Doug West
Drazen Petrovic
Duane Causwell
Duane Ferrell
Dwayne Schintzius
Earl Cureton
Ed Johnson (93 Sonics NOT 87 2 diff guys same name)
Ed Macauley
Ed Nealy
Ed Pinckney
Eddie Johnson
Eddie Jones
Eddie Lee Wilkins
Eddie Robinson
Elden Campbell
Eldridge Recasner
Eric Montross
Eric Piatkowski
Eric Snow (Old)
Eric Snow YOUNG
Erick Murdock
Ernie Killum
Ervin Johnson
Fat Lever
Flynn Robinson
Frank Brickowski
Frank Johnson
Fred Brown
Fred Hetzel
Fred Hoiberg
Freddie Lewis
Gary Grant
Gary Payton (Heat era)
Gary Trent
Gene Shue
Geoff Petrie
George Lynch
George McCloud
George Mcginnis
George Yardley
Gerald Henderson
Gerald Wallace
Gerald Wilkins
Gheorge Mureson
Glen Rice (Young)
Glen Robinson
Gordan Giricek
Grant Hill (Young)
Grant Long
Greg Anthony
Greg Ballard
Greg Foster
Greg Kite
Greg Ostertag
Greg Smith
Gus Johnson
Gus Williams
Guy Rodgers
Hakeem Olajawon (Young)
Happy Hairston
Harold Miner
Harry Gallatin
Harvey Grant
Haywoode Workman
Hedo Turkoglu
Henry Bibby
Herb Williams
Horace Grant (Magic)
Horace Grant (Older)
HotRod Williams
Howard Eisley
Hubert Davis
Isaac Austin
Isiah Rider
Jack Haley
Jack Marin
Jack Twyman
Jahidi White
Jalen Rose
Jamaal Wilkes
Jamal Mashburn
James Donaldson
James Silas
James Singelton
Jaren Jackson
Jason Caffey
Jason Kidd (Young)
Jay Humphries
Jay VIncent
Jay Williams
Jayson Williams
Jeff Grayer
Jeff Malone
Jeff Mullins
Jeff Ruland
Jeff Turner
Jeff Webb
Jermaine O'Neal (Young)
Jerome Williams
Jerry Chambers
Jerry Reynolds
Jerry Sichting
Jerry Sloan
Jerry Stackhouse (Young)
Jim Chones
Jim Cleamons
Jim Davis
Jim Jackson
Jim King
Jim Les
Jim Mcmillian
Jim Paxson
Joe Barry Carroll
Joe Fulks
Joe Klein
Joe Smith
Joe Wolf
John Bagley
John Battle
John Beasley
John Crotty
John Drew
John Long
John Morton
John Salley
John Thomas
John Vallely
John Wallace
John WIlliamson
Johnny Dawkins
Johnny Moore
Johnny Newman
Johnny Red Kerr
Jojo White
Jon Barry
Jon Koncak
Jon Mcglocklin
JR Reid
Jumaine Jones
Jumaine Jones
Junior Bridgeman
Juwon Howard (Young)
Karl Malone (Lakers)
Karl Malone (Young)
KC Jones
Keith Askins
Keith Erickson
Keith Jennings
Keith Van Horn
Kelly Tripucka
Kelvin Cato
Kelvin Cato
Ken Norman
Kendall Gill
Kenny Anderson
Kenny Gattison
Kenny Smith
Kenny Walker
Kerry Kittles
Kevin Duckworth
Kevin Durant (rookie)
Kevin Gamble
Kevin Garnett (Young)
Kevin Grevey
Kevin Lynch
Kiki Vandeweigh
Kobe Bryant (Bald)
Kobe Bryant (Young)
Kurt Rambis
Lamond Murray
LaPhonso Ellis
Larry Costello
Larry Drew
Larry Foust
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson (Knicks)
Larry Kenon
Larry Krstowiak
Larry Siegfried
Larry Steele
Lasalle Thompson
Latrell Sprewell
Latrell Sprewell (T-Wolves)
Lawrence Funderburke
Len Chappell
Leroy Ellis
Lionel Hollins
Lionel Simmons
Lloyd Neal
Lonnie Shelton
Loren Meyer
Lorenzen Wright
Lorenzo Williams
Lou Hudson
Loy Vaught
Lucious Harris
Lucius Allen
Luther Rackley
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Malik Sealy
Manute Bol
Marcus Camby (Young)
Mario Bennett
Mario Elie
Mark Aguirre
Mark Bryant
Mark Eaton
Mark Jackson
Mark Macon
Mark McNamara
Mark Pope
Mark West
Marques Johnson
Marv Winkler
Mateen Cleaves
Matt Bullard
Matt Geiger
Matt Geiger
Matt Maloney
Maurice Lucas
Maurice Stokes
Mccoy Mclemore
Mel Daniels
Michael Adams
Michael Cage
Michael Cooper
Michael Curry
Michael Dickerson
Michael Doleac
Michael Finley (Young)
Michael Jordan (Wizards era)
Michael Olowokandi
Michael Stewart
Mike Bibby
Mike Brown
Mike Gminski
Mike Mitchell
Mike Newlin
Mike Smrek
Mitch Kupchak
Mitchell Wiggins
ML Carr
Monty Williams
Mookie Blaylock
Moses Malone
Moses Malone (Young)
Muggsy Bogues
Mychal Thompson
Nate Archibald
Nate McMillan
Neal Walk
Neil Johnston
Nick Anderson
Nick Van Exel
Norm Nixon
Norm Van Lier
Olden Polynice (Old)
Olden Polynice (Young)
Oliver Miller
Othella Harrington
Otis Birdsong
Otis Smith
Otis Thorpe
P.J. Brown
Pat Burke
Pat Cummings
Pat Garrity
Pat Riley
Patrick Ewing (Young)
Paul Arizin
Paul Mokeski
Paul Pressey
Paul Silas
Paul Westphal
Peja Stojakovic
Penny Hardaway
Pervis Ellison
Pete Chilcutt
Pete Myers
Phil Chenier
Phil Jackson
Pooh Richardson
Popeye Jones
Purvis Short
Rafael Addison
Ralph Sampson
Randy Breuer
Randy Brown
Randy Smith
Randy Wittman
Rasheed Wallace (Young)
Ray Allen (Young)
Reggie Jordan
Reggie Lewis
Reggie Miller
Reggie Theus
Reggie Williams
Rex Chapman
Richard Dumas
Richie Guerin
Rick Brunson
Rick Carlisle
Rick Fox
Rick Mahorn
Rick Roberson
Rickey Green
Ricky Pierce
Rik Smits
Robert Horry (better older pic)
Robert Horry (Older)
Robert Horry (Young)
Robert Pack
Robert Reid
Rod Higgins
Rod Strickland
Rodney McCray
Rodney Rogers
Roger Brown
Ron Harper (Young)
Ronny Siekley
Rory Sparrow
Roy Hinson
Roy Tarpley
Ruben Patterson
Rudney Larusso
Rudy Tomnanovich
Sam Bowie
Sam Cassell
Sam Jacobson
Sam Jones
Sam Lacey
Sam Mills
Sam Mitchell
Sam Vincent
Samaki Walker
Sarunas Jasikevicius
Sarunas Marciulionis
Scott Brooks
Scott Burrell
Scott Hastings
Scott Padgett
Scott Pollard
Scott Pollard (normal looking)
Scott Skiles
Scott Wedman
Scott Williams
Sean Bradley
Sean Elliott
Sean Rooks
Sedale Threatt
Shandon Anderson
Shaq O'Neal (Lakers)
Shareef Abdul Rahim
Sharon Wright
Shawn Kemp (old)
Sherman Douglas
Sidney Green
Sidney Wicks
Slater Martin
Sleepy Floyd
Spencer Haywood
Stacy Augmon
Stanislav Medvedenko
Stanley Roberts
Stephon Marbury (Young)
Steve Alford
Steve Nash (Young)
Steve Scheffler
Stromile Swift
Terrell Brandon
Terrence Stansbury
Terry Catledge
Terry Davis
Terry Teagle
Thurl Bailey
Tim Breaux
Tim Duncan
Tim Legler
Todd Day
Todd MacCulloch
Tom Boerwinkle
Tom Gugliotta
Tom Hammonds
Tom Heinsohn
Tom Meschery
Tom Sanders
Tom Tolbert
Tony Bennett
Tony Campbell
Tony Delk
Tony Massenburg
Tony Smith
Tracy McGrady (Young)
Tracy Murray
Travis Best
Travis Knight
Tree Rollins
Trent Tucker
Trenton Hassell
Troy Hudson
Truck Robinson
Tyrone Hill
Tyronn Corbin
Verm Flemming
Vern Mikkelsen
Vernon Maxwell
Victor Alexander
Vin Baker
Vince Carter (Old)
Vincent Askew
Vinnie Johnson
Vinny Del Negro
Vitaly Potapenko
Vlade Divac
Voshon Leonard
Wally Szczerbiak
Walt Bellamy
Walt Hazzard
Walt Williams
Walter Davis
Walter McCarty
Wayman Tisdale
Wayne Cooper
Wayne Embry
Wesley Person
Will Perdue
William Bedford
Willie Anderson
Willie Burton
Willie Mccarter
Winston Bennett
Xavier McDaniel
Yinka Dare
Zan Tabak
Zeljko Rebraca
Zelmo Beaty

Player Edits:

Fake Bench Player Edits:
As most of you know NBA2K included some "fake" players on the ends of the bench for some of the retro teams. I went ahead and edited those players with the correct players. For each fake bench player I used to determine which player(s) were left off the team. For each fake bench player I did the following:

• Changed names to accurate ones
• Changed numbers to accurate ones
• Changed positions to accurate ones
• Changed heights/weight to accurate ones
• Added portraits for those I could

***NOTE*** I did NOT edit player attributes or appearance yet for every player (simply because that is going to take a long time). I thought it would be a good start to instead just add the correct information I listed above for each player. Now there were a few players I did go ahead and spent some time on. You will notice those as you play (Nick Van Exel and Rick Fox for the 98 Lakers, Barkley for the 85 sixers, etc). The majority of players, however, I only changed the information I listed above. The following is a full list of edits made to the Retro Bench Players:

All-Decade Teams

All-Time 2010's Legends

Coached by: Tom Thibodeau & Eric Spoelstra

PG-Derrick Rose
SG-LeBron James
SF-Kevin Durant
PF-Blake Griffin
C-Dwight Howard

Chris Paul
Dwyane Wade
Carmelo Anthony
Amare Stoudemire
Chris Bosh
Deron Williams
Kevin Love

All-Time 2000's Legends

Coached by: Phil Jackson & Gregg Popovich

PG-Jason Kidd
SG-Kobe Bryant
SF-Kevin Garnett
PF-Tim Duncan
C-Shaq O'Neal

Steve Nash
Allen Iverson
Paul Pierce
Dirk Nowitzki
Yao Ming
Tracy McGrady
Ray Allen

Just missed the cut:
Ben Wallace
Vince Carter

All-Time 1990's Legends

Coached by: Phil Jackson & Jerry Sloan

PG-John Stockton
SG-Michael Jordan
SF-Scottie Pippen
PF-Karl Malone
C-Hakeem Olajuawon

Gary Payton
Clyde Drexler
Grant Hill
Charles Barkley
Patrick Ewing
David Robinson
Reggie Miller

Just missed the cut:
Tim Hardaway
Dennis Rodman
Alonzo Mourning
Sean Kemp

All-Time 1980's Legends

Coached by: Chuck Daly & Pat Riley

PG-Magic Johnson
SG-Julius Erving
SF-Larry Bird
PF-Kevin McHale
C-Moses Malone

Isiah Thomas
Adrian Dantley
Dominque Wilkins
James Worthy
Robert Parish
Alex English
George Gervin

All-Time 1970's Legends

Coached by: Red Holzman & Jack Ramsay

PG-Walt Frazier
SG-Pete Maravich
SF-Rick Barry
PF-Elvin Hayes
C-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Nate Archibald
Earl Monroe
John Havlicek
Bob McAdoo
Wes Unseld
Bob Lanier
Dave Cowens

Just missed the cut:
Billy Cunningham
Dave Bing
Artis Gilmore

All-Time 1960's Legends

Coached by: Red Auerbach

PG-Oscar Robertson
SG-Jerry West
SF-Elgin Baylor
C-Bill Russell
C-Wilt Chamberlain

Lenny Wilkens
Hal Greer
Jerry Lucas
Tom Heinsohn
Walt Bellamy
Willis Reed

Just missed the cut:
Nate Thurmond

All-Time 1950's Legends

Coached by: John Kundla & Red Auerbach

PG-Bob Cousy
SG-Bill Sharman
SF-Paul Arizin
PF-Bob Pettit
C-George Mikan

Dolph Schayes
Neil Johnston
George Yardley
Harry Gallatin
Ed Macauley
Larry Foust
Cliff Hagan

Just missed the cut:
Richie Guerin
Andy Phillip
Larry Costello
Clyde Lovellette
Vern Mikkelsen

Ultimate Base Roster Contributors



Slave Pageant



IMPORTANT NOTE #1: I highly recommend going to the rotations menu and reviewing the All-Time Franchise Team rotations before playing. Since all teams have 15-20 players it's important that you go and select which players you want on your 12 man team that will be eligible to play in your game. Remember some teams have as many as 8 IR spots because I gave these teams extended rosters.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: You may notice that the Retro Team "OVERALLS" that show up at the Quick Play Screen are out of whack - just ignore it - it doesn't affect game play at all.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3: Because I've mirrored some players onto the All-Franchise Teams there is one negative consequence. When you go into the Rotations Menu I HIGHLY recommend that you don't scroll through the Specific Year Retro Teams as you will be constantly asked to "update this team's rotation minutes". The game play still works perfectly and substitutions are made correctly, however because some players are mirrored onto the All-Franchise teams the game gets confused and will constantly ask you to change their minute rotations. So a word of advice: Only scroll through the Current NBA Teams and/or the All-Time Franchise Teams when entering the rotation menu.

IMPORTANT NOTE #4: Please be aware that in order to create space within the roster file I disabled the 18 and 56 game association/season modes... so if you want to play association or season with this particular roster you'll have to select an 82 game schedule... if you want to play one of the shorter schedules you can still load any other roster... by downloading this file it doesn't mean you won't have access to the condensed schedules in other rosters... it just means you won't be able to get those shorter schedules to work with the Ultimate Base Roster.... most people select 82 games anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal - but I thought you should be aware.

As always Current NBA Teams were left untouched and unaffected - and rosters are updated as of 5/18/12.

If you do not find an answer to your question reading below or would like to make suggestions for the bench players on the All-Time Franchise teams feel free to post in this thread:

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