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FIFA Community Mod - 3.0 - FIFA 18 at ModdingWay

Team of the Week 20 Prediction

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Pedro Goncalves Future Star is available. You can pick between 2 versions, center midfielder and right-wing. 2 squads required. Check out requirements, possible solutions and review.


Headliners Tracker - Update

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CATEGORY : FIFA 18 | Mods & Patches

FIFA Community Mod - 3.0

AUTHOR sebbastos | September 29 2018 | 7829 hits
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*****COMMUNITY MOD***** - 3.0

This patch groups together several mods from the community and makes them compatible.
A clean fifa is strongly advised, erased your team files before any installation

Version 3.0 (World Version)

- Fifa Infinity 4.0
- IMStudios (kits, flags, banners...)
- AIO (kits, flags, banners...)
- Fifa Career Mod 3.0
- Real groups for the european cups

- Gameplay 4.0
- New Caméra System
- New Kits Intro
- PS Controller
- TV Channels

Leagues and cups available and playable.
    GERMANY: League 1-2-3
    ENGLAND: League 1-2-3-4
    SAUDI ARABIA: League 1
    ARGENTINA: League 1
    AUSTRALIA: League 1
    AUSTRIA: League 1
    BELGIUM: League 1
    BRAZIL: League 1
    CHILE: League 1
    COLOMBIA: League 1
    DENMARK: League 1
    SCOTLAND: League 1
    SPAIN: League 1-2
    USA: League 1
    FRANCE: League 1-2
    ITALY: League 1-2
    JAPAN: League 1
    MEXICO: League 1
    NORWAY: League 1
    HOLLAND: League 1
    POLAND: League 1
    PORTUGAL: League 1
    RUSSIA: League 1
    IRELAND: League 1
    SWITZERLAND: League 1
    SWEDEN: League 1
    TURKEY: League 1

    (Only playable at kickoff - Custom competitions and career simulation)
    CHINA: League 1
    GREECE: League 1
    CZECH REPUBLIC: League 1
    ROMANIA: League 1
    Some Chinese, Greek, Czech, Romanian and some of the rest of the world will only have home and goalkeeper jerseys.
    This is due to the large number of additions to the database.
    Tournament and Custom Cups
    Not available in 64 teams due to the number of competitions added in the game including the career mod.

    Available for 2-4-6-8-16-32 teams


Au 22 Aout 2018 (alternative version if bugs) :


    To install
    1/ Start CGFile Explorer
    2/ Choose Fifa 18.exe
    3/ Import a new patch
    4/ Choose Community Mod
    5/ Load the mod (this can be long - 10/15 min)
    6/ Close CGFile Explorer and play
    7/ Only Offline

    To install Teams
    1/ Download the correct squad file
    2/ And copy C: \Documents \Fifa18 \ settings

    ***This mod only works with CGfile Explorer***

    GAMEPLAY 4.0
    GAMEPLAY 3.0

    To install
    1/ Copy the downloaded locate.ini file
    2/ And replace the one found in
    C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \Mods \Community 1.x \Win32_data
    and C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \data_Original or data
    **Replace the original locate.ini to play online**


    To install
    The mod is already included, but we must add the image
    1/ Copy the downloaded controller.png file
    2/ And replace the one found in
    C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \FIFASetup \Resources

    BBCSports: https://mega.nz/#!Ke4w1ShK!7lQKwAXO2OJH3AsaSlk7ohXhOhCQghB9gMx3dujh8Ac
    BeinSports1: https://mega.nz/#!HLpQGQ5D!TG74jbBaWvmFEiOdNiPPz3Z2V6jLmXsoID4x5JhDTjA
    BeinSportsConnect: https://mega.nz/#!fSwSWQjK!T3zaiskrDJG5VVUiUgLIojdaEgdSGfW3i4YLe2FMuD0
    EASportsTV: https://mega.nz/#!ve5kgCBT!CnqltBxQURTvYCxOpcbpZXPAw8oEZya8N3Th_2TryOs
    ESPNHD: https://mega.nz/#!Pe5SjCQZ!vUcWwBoLmo6fRe6xuL6aD0RQpJaionj8zbcdw38B9tI
    Eurosport: https://mega.nz/#!GGwyRC4a!FRcQx6MrI592-AYinbSZKP_EBhXlKprQaihxOhNo77w
    FoxSports: https://mega.nz/#!Ha4gTAJC!hUY9YVDXu9XQ1EGCiwgXwdmcQDEt3tMUkwQynOcTC64
    GloboTV: https://mega.nz/#!iSgC3IoB!hXtysI3t5H2Rw4pxg0n7k7fCevkjK0Wscc8Vi8KPDyU
    ITVSports: https://mega.nz/#!ePo0TKhZ!d9lvbkZgSkQfSdMHAs12HVYF50LRd_7n-lFykoUXpI8
    SkySports: https://mega.nz/#!ie5kxKRY!yR2apoOZjdu1zIxRBfYqEH-HcPg141FsbgzgpK2AYjE
    TRT: https://mega.nz/#!XH501YKB!p9DsN7soYWM9t0c0pkdkVU_ArlLKLg6BwFl5JePXkmk

    To install
    1/ After installing the version of your choice
    2/ Downloaded the TV channel of your choice
    3/ Start CG file with the loaded version (brazilian, greek, romanian, etc.)
    4/ Choose import
    5/ Check the boxes carefully Legacy Files and Bundle Files
    6/ Then import selection
    7/ Wait for the end of the import
    8/ Then press create mod
    9/ Choose your installed and existing version


    To install
    1/ Installation identical to TV channel mod. Follow the same steps.


    To install
    1/ Installation identical to TV channel mod. Follow the same steps.

    Most of these mods are not mine.
    I make them compatible by modifying and updating them.

    Thanks to
    *Nafer and Fifa Infinity Team
    *Iturbe and IMStudios Team
    *AIO Team
    *Fidel - Doctor+ Productions
    *and all the others

For using their creation


- Brasileirao and Campeonato de Chile fully updated
- Greek Super League, Czech HET liga, Chinese Super League, Romanian Liga I added and playable in Career Simulation Only and Tournament modes
- Added 2018 season promoted teams in colombian, korean, japanese, norwegian and swedish leagues.
- UEFA Champions League 2018/19 And UEFA Europa League 2018/19.
- Al-Ahly (EGY), Auckland City (NZL), Kitchee SC (HKG) and Los Angeles FC (USA) added in Rest of World. “Rest of world team” with missing important players added.
- FIFA Club World Cup, AFC Champions League and CONCACAF Champions League playables in Career Mode.
- Fixed Copa do Brasil (now with 20 teams), SSE Airtricity League and Irish EA Sports Cup (now with 10 teams, and Waterford added).
- Licensed names, kits, minikits and logos for all the unlicensed teams.
- Licensed names and logos for unlicensed leagues and competitions.
- New player faces edited via ingame editor.
- Uncloked all the new faces added in World Cup update in all game modes.
- Unlocked all World Cup stadiums in all game modes.
- Unlocked all boots and balls.
- New Animated adboards for UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and many Leagues.
- Custom flags for many teams.
- Two “Classic XI” teams with FUT Icons and FUT Legends.
- 24 new manager faces unlocked and real manager names for all teams.
- Real stadium names for all teams.
- Unlocked all the new national teams added in World Cup update in all game modes.
- FIFA World Cup mode updated with realistic squads and 23 players per team.
- More than 8000/8500 actual minifaces And More than 100/150 clubs 18/19 kits.
- New logos(LOSK Lille,Jeonbuk Motors,Ascoli,Toulouse,Lugano),kits 18/19,more than 400 banners (MLS,clubs BPL,Serie A,Liga NOS,1.Bundesliga,La Liga,RPL and national teams).
- All new revo gp cams in game (kick off view, 0.70 revo setup).
- New Kit select cam node + new auto transition camera.
- New Intro match cams.
- New TV Channels (BBCSports, BeinSports1, BeinSportsConnect, EASportsTV, ESPNHD, Eurosport, FoxSports, GloboTV, ITVSports, SkySports, TRT).
- New Playstation Controller
- New Gameplay 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)
- New Career Mod 3.0 (Ultra Immersive)
- Improved player growth so that player who performs, trains and play more regularly improves further than player who do not.
- Ability to train stats such as sprint/acceleration (use the penalty training: https://i.imgur.com/xdechn7.png).
- Improved training for younger player with higher potential.
- All player stats/abilities revealed.
- Match sim is fixed and takes a team’s overall into account more (https://imgur.com/a/Q4DFq).
- Improved transfer from smaller teams/players(3 times more transfer from smaller clubs: https://i.gyazo.com/189cc00f04f2e3d5f5828b428a74e930.png).
- Improved chances of getting more offers for your player from another team.
- Improved job offers.
- Improved youth generation(fixed mental stats and work rate).
- Youth player now starts from 14 years old.
- Improved youth scouting. They are more randomized and realistic.
- Improved CPU line up selection(they should pick their best team now).
- Improved player morale(fringe player should whine less not being selected every match).
- Improved sacking so the board is more lenient.
- You will be able to use 100% of your current budget on the next season.
- Lowered the amount of goals from match sim a bit to keep it realistic.
- Increased the max number of traits a player can have.
- Increased max youth squad size to 24.
- Added Composure training from Penalty, Strength training from Dribbling, Reaction training from Defending, Aggression training from Defending.
- Improved player growth on match performance so that when younger player performs they grow faster.
- Improved player growth on match performance so that when older players performs, they don’t lose rating.
- Reduced the chance for your player to reject contract from another team.
- Removed scripted derby/rival/cup matches And Removed home match CPU boost/script.
- Fixed some ridiculous transfer from lower rated team. (Augero going to West Ham, Lewandowski going to West Borm, etc).
- Improved player price tag/value to ensure more realistic values to today’s economy.
- Improved Training a bit. Younger player growth and overall growth modifier.Improved Player Growth rate from training and match performance.
- Reduced the number of goals scored by the CPU a bit on match sim from the previous patch. (Some teams had 90+ GD after the end of the season so now that should be fixed).
- Highly realistic and competitive league battles should provide more challenge now.
- Improved match sim goal scorer.
- Improved lower league transfer frequency based on neccessity.
- Improved player growth if they get a lot of match time.
- More points for the board if you overachieve in the league.
- Improved Player Growth System where older player that performs good doesn’t drop in overall and young player that outperforms their potential will increase their potential. (Form > 8.0)
- Removed scripted tournament/cup matches where smaller team will outperform bigger team.
- Improved training for players on form and young players that have good potential where they will train and get better way faster than average players. So you could get players like Messi and Ronaldo caliber.
- Improved youth player skills and traits so they are more varied.
- Compatibility with all languages.



To check that everything is installed correctly.
In friendly match
Check that the Greece Romania China teams are present.
In Career Manager
Check the training of the penaltys
Check that speed is added.

I can not always edit the mods of everyone. But errors are reported.
And will be corrected by their moddeur.
(Guendouzi 57 years old ... in Iturbe and IMStudios)

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TOTAL HITS : 51597
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If you are not able to download it please CONTACT US and report it.

FIFA 18 is a football simulation video game in the FIFA series of video games, developed and published by Electronic Arts and was released worldwide on 29 September 2017.

FIFA 18 is the second installment in the series to use the Frostbite 3 game engine and includes a continuation of "The Journey" a story-based mode that was originally in FIFA 17 entitled "The Journey: Hunter Returns".

FIFA 18 features the third tier of Germany's Bundesliga, the 3. Liga. It also features the Iceland national football team, the Saudi Arabia national football team, both the men's and women's national New Zealand teams and has again the Turkish Super League after EA renewed its licence with them.
Download FIFA Community Mod - 3.0. This is a mod for FIFA 18 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.