Seko Fofana Ligue 1 Player of the Month SBC

Seko Fofana, Lens' midfielder won the Ligue 1 Player of the Month award. An expensive Squad Building Challenge is the way to get his card. 4 squads required and a price of around 170K. Check out the solution and review.


FUT 22 Team of the Week 5

It´s not what we expected but TOW 5 is here. No Neymar, no Kane, no Tielemans, no Haaland, not even Denayer. Firmino is in as well Gnabry. Check out the review and prices. Probably upcoming RTTK Team 2 promo is the reason why players that deserved to be in this TOTW are not present.


FIFA 22 Title Update #2 Anounced

A new update is coming to FIFA 22. It will soon be available for the PC (Origin/Steam) and Stadia versions of FIFA 22, and later for consoles. They have reduced the effectiveness of AI-controlled players blocking lobbed passes and crosses.


Iñaki Williams Record Breaker SBC

This is Iñaki Williams Record Breaker SBC celebrating his 203 consecutive league match for Athletic Club. 7 squads are required ( yes you read well ) and a total of around 130 K for a 2 stars weak foot striker. Check out requirements and review.


Record Breakers coming this Week

Record Breaker card has been just added to the game code. Record Breaker items are awarded to players that set records or accomplished near-historic feats. Those players are given permanent upgrades. What to expect and how this promo worked in the past.

CATEGORY : FIFA 16 | Mods and Patches

FIFA Futsal 16 1.0.2

AUTHOR AndreaPirlo21 | September 01 2018 | 7048 hits
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[REQUIRED] Grab the other required files down below and view install instructions on GitHub:


Hub for updates and instructions:

[Cheat Tables]

If you do not want to use the .exe files linked above through Google Drive, you can head over to GitHub to download the cheat table (.ct) files. Keep in mind that in order to enable the mod using these files, you'll also need to download Cheat Engine:


If you need help with installation or have any other problems with the mod, post your comments here:

[Video Showcase (prior to 1.0.1 fixes and 1.0.2 fullscreen hotkey update)]:

[Short Description]:

-============= FIFA Futsal 16 =============-


- FIFA 16 exe product version 16.0.2904053, last updated July 6, 2016 (any other version will not work with this mod, and I will not be providing any links to executables).
- Ability to play in windowed mode (if using version 1.0.1 and the Skills Battle UI)
- Moddingway Mod 28.0.4 installed
- Understanding that the applications provided are generated through Cheat Engine:
- A bit of time to read through the remainder of this post


- 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1 action, with or without goalies
- Smaller field
- Three goal sizes: mini, long, and futsal
- Three game modes: Regular (football rules), Last Man Standing, and Skills Battle (both as in FIFA Street)
- Option to set up invisible walls around pitch and disable out-of-play rules
- Custom street UI for Skills Battle scoring (two sizes):
-- Color-coded skillmove ID panel:
--- White, Green, Yellow, Red in order of increasing points
--- Blue for Beats and Skill Beats
--- Purple for fancy passes, shots, and pannas
--- Orange for goals
-- Skill Bank displays current accumulated skill move points for dribble possession (resets upon loss of possession)

- Disabled slide tackles to force AI into attempting more standing tackles. Leads to more missed tackles and improvement in player ability to beat defenders
(change AI_NO_SLIDE_TACKLE in cl.ini)
- Disabled fouls to recreate street feel
(change AI_SETTING_NO_FOUL in cl.ini)


- AI doesn't do any skills as of this release. However, the AI does attempt flair passes and flair shots
- Players sometimes unresponsive to ball after bounce off walls
- Can't change controlled player at times because receiver selection bugs out upon expected out-of-play sequence
- Goalies unaware of ball position if ball hits wall and bounces towards them
- Close direct freekicks freeze for a minute during setup of wall due to second/third kick taker or goalkeeper positioned inside goal (recommended to turn off fouls in cl.ini)
- Offsides sometimes called incorrectly when goalies are disabled. Turning off offsides solves the problem.
- Player assigned to near post on corner kick will position where post would have stood if field were bigger. These are hard-coded reposition locations.
- Goalie doesn't hug post when ball is near corner
- Sometimes, all players must be teleported onto the field for freekicks to allow continuation of play
- Second, third freekick takers are glitched.
- End-of-half requires a stoppage in play (out of play or kickoff) to reset stoppage time calculations and enable swift end to half
- Fancy shots sometimes register as fancy passes with low power
- Panna detection is a bit iffy due to limitations of in-game function used to detect pannas
- Injuries to AI players on the field cause the AI to play shorthanded following substitution of the injured player
(possible solution is to disable injuries by setting Injury Frequency and/or Injury Severity sliders to 0)
- Crossbar mesh height above pitch is fixed. However, the collision geometry scales down with the goal net.
- Red cards can cause a host of bugs including swapped-in player not leaving field at the end of a half and bench players floating in the air. To remedy this, cards have been disabled (can re-enable in cl.ini)


Dark Byte for Cheat Engine:

Ariel and the Moddingway Team for the Moddingway Mod:

Rinaldo for Creation Master 16

Shawminator for CG File Explorer 16

iard68 for i68 Controller

Koczman Bálint for the Capture It font

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FIFA 16 is an association football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. The game features Lionel Messi on its cover, alongside a different player in different parts of the world, and is the first game in the FIFA series to be fully licensed by the Premier League. EA Sports had signed a deal with the Premier League as the Official Sports Technology Partner. In this way EA are licensed under Premier League development. This deal allows all 20 Premier League stadiums to be included in the game.
Download FIFA Futsal 16 1.0.2. This is a mod for FIFA 16 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.