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Manchester United Hate Glazer Kit

Fery Subagdja | January 22 2010 | 5318 hits

War Colours - Green and Gold

This is from REDISSUE & it's already spreading, everyone who loves UNITED should follow this,

"The thing that I have noticed particularly obvious about the whole Glazer takeover has been how good the Glazers have been at dividing the fans.

Even amongst my friends there are pro FC / Anti FC / Not A Penny More / Match Tickets Only & no pies e.t.c but the one thing that obviously unites (excuse the pun) all of us is our need to get rid of the **** ers.

I honestly do not believe for one minute that it is possible to get everyone to agree to anything, as has been shown here, but one think is for sure we all hate the Glazers. Unfortunately because we have different ways of showing it, and different ideas it will/has got very diluted and this is a major blow to everyone except the Glazers.

I think scarves/hats/badges etc are a good idea, alright it's not very radical but it is something that realistically could be adopted by everyone from the 'terrorist bomb the bastards' section to the 'no pies inside' protestors.
One thing the chants inside OT this week did achieve should not be underestimated, and that is the fact that a lot more people were showing discontent than we imagined. Allright it's easy to chant but it's easy to wear a scarf/hat/badge/flag as well.

Now this bit might prove slightly controversial and it may sound like I am taking the piss but the big problem with the scarf/hat/badge/flag idea is that it is impossible to distinguish people who are wearing them and who are not. I therefore suggest that all anti glazer items be easily identifiable by making them a set colour (color for any Americans lurking).
My suggestion for this is Green/Gold of the old strip. This would make any anti glazer supporter stand out and a sea of green/gold could never go un-noticed on TV.
Also even thinks like green/gold cards or flyers of the back pages of fanzines (we would have to have a word with the mags about this) could be used to signify our dislike of the cunts.
And I doubt it is possible for anyone to be ejected for wearing a green/gold scarf.

It mught be a **** idea, but if we can get ONE **** ing thing to unite all of us then at least we have a start. I would gladly redo a section of the site in this colour and explain to a few thousand people what it means when they see anyone wearing this colour.

It's a visual impact, something that we have been severely lacking. And who knows, once people start to see how many people actually are opposed to this they may start being slightly more pro-active.

* As a side note if we ever played against Norwich it might get confusing, but **** it.
** We considered black etc but it's hardly noticable on TV or amongst the red/black that people currently have.
*** Let's go one step at a time. Get the people wearing colours who give a ****. If we later want to set off g/y flares, throw g/y scarves or paint the megastore g/y then that is another question for another day.

If you have a green/gold hat, scarf, badge, dog or child then you **** ing hate glazer.


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Download Manchester United Hate Glazer Kit. This is a mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.
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