3 new Black Friday SBC Available

3 new SBC have been released. Probably the last ones of the Black Friday Promo. 82+ Player Pick, 82+ Player Guaranteed, and 81 - 87 upgrade. Check out requirements and what we got in them. These SBCs will be available for 2 days.


Team of the Week 10 Prediction

This is our prediction for the upcoming Team of the Week 10. De Bruyne, Coman, Grizmann among the best players. Check Mahrez situation regarding next TOTW and why we have picked these players.


Memphis Depay Moments SBC

This SBC celebrates Memphis Depay's long-range goal vs Toulouse FC in the 16-17 season. 4 days to complete this SBC. It requires an 86 squad + TOTW.


5 New Record Breakers Players Available

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CATEGORY : Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 | Gameplay Mods

PES 2012 Gameplay Tool - Version 6.3.0 + Chant Server

AUTHOR jenkey1002 | March 02 2012 | 5929 hits
Rating : 5

Gameplay tool - Version 6.3.0 full+ chant server 3-2



Gameplay tool version 6.30 change log :

  • New features :
    • Add online feedback feature
    • Add option for enabledisable gameplay module
    • Now chantserver supported adx,mp3,wav format
  • New Gameplay mode changelog : Balance adjustment
  • Fixed bug when use with PES2012 v1.01
  • Fixed chantserver sound glich

New features in 6.1x + 6.2x :

  • Chant server available : now can assign chant for each team and unlimited slot
  • Since version 6.x gameplay tool can be attach direct to your exe file (like kitserver) It meants can play game via your exe without launcher tool.
    Also it would be solved problem with FXAA or Creative Alchemity...
  • Add slider chant mode : allow to switch betten home/away/mix mode
  • If have problem when attach gameplay, you can play via "Gameplay run.exe"
  • Fast start option
  • Disabe/Enable crowd in stadium
  • Anthems relink : allow to relink anthem for all national teams
  • Adboard-server : allow to relink adboard to each stadium
  • Slider for GK reaction

New Gameplay mode changelog :

  • Improve game's physic
  • Adjustment : speed, AI active, Player movement... 
  • Improve GK reaction

Gameplay tool features list :

  • Unlock all leagues in UEFA CL & COPA LIBERTADORES
  • Unlock all leagues selection in CUP mode
  • Change match time
  • Freeside selection
  • On/off replay logo
  • Use more replay data
  • On/off crowd in stadium
  • Fast start game option
  • Multi-scoreboard - ingame switchable (requirement addtion scoreboard)
  • StadiumServer : add more stadium without replace
  • Referee kit selection in game (Press F5 to select - before start match)
  • Replay disable (optionable)
  • Blurry disable : sharpen graphic
  • Work with anypatch & non-patch
  • Comtiable with Kitserver also no-kitserver
  • Leagueserver module included (optionable)
  • Slider for ball physic, ball speed
  • Change game physic
  • Change shot power
  • AI balance : remove AI cheating script
  • Realistic dribble

Keymap (default) :

  • F1/F2 : Show/hide menu ingame
  • F3/F4 : Switch scoreboard, name will be shown in top-left
  • F5 :  Switch referee kits
  • F6 :  Snow turf mode (requirement : Full pack HD turf for all stadium)
  • F7 : Switch Realtime AI tactic mode
  • F8 : Show/Hide AI status bar

Addon 24 in 1 scoreboard :

Addon Snowturf (if dont wanna download Turf pack ) :


How to install & play :

  • Play game with "PES2012 - Gameplay run" or Attach gameplay tool direct to your exe file
  • Alway run it as Administrator & disable antivirus (or add to exception list) if have false alarm

How to use addition scoreboard : 

  • Extract & move to "dt06.img"  in kitserver folder
  • Exam root : 
  • C:Program Files (x86)KONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2012kitserverpesedit-scoreboardsimgdt06.img


Credits : Juce, Komu, Yair, Barcafan, Tunizizou, Hany3

Special thanks to scoreboards makers : Stranxk, KO, Taxk, Hickville

Enjoy & leave your comments below !


Discussion about gameplay tool :

visit forum also you can read more great reviews & feedbacks

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TOTAL HITS : 3649473

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (officially abbreviated as PES 2012 and known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2012 in Asia) is a football video game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series being developed and published by Konami. The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League will feature within the game; and CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores and UEFA Super Cup will be fully licensed. The game was released on the PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable.
Download PES 2012 Gameplay Tool - Version 6.3.0 + Chant Server. This is a mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.