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Keep My Mod - Latest version

AUTHOR : leftos | January 17 2012 | 17497 hits
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Game : NBA 2K12
Category : Utilities / Editing Tools

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Latest Version :

For reasons I've explained in detail in this thread, I've created this tool.

Starting with NBA 2K12, 2K implemented a way to update game art and text (actually, any game file) silently, without the need for a patch, using the Online Data folder. However, the files 2K updates this way override any mods the user has installed, and there's no easy way for the user to make sure his mods override 2K's updates.

This tool tries to solve this problem, by letting the user select which mods to keep, and also gives modders a semi-automatic way of making sure their mods won't get overridden/replaced by 2K's updates. The tool waits for the game to finish downloading updates, and automatically replaces 2K's updated files with the modded files the user/modders have instructed the tool to.

Detailed instructions for both users and modders offered in the Readme file. Make sure you read it in full before asking questions that are already answered in it.

BIG NEWS came with v0.1.4 beta!
The tool has been verified to keep the mods along with the latest 2K updates enabled AT ALL TIMES, no matter how many times the game tries to re-sync! You don't have to worry about manually restoring the original data. The game will always re-sync properly, giving you the latest updates and new additions, and the tool will always make sure that any mods you want to keep will be kept enabled!

Additional Features
As part of its core functionality, this tool forces the game to update itself. Which means that you can be sure you'll always get the latest roster, etc. So this tool also makes my previous tool, "Refresh Official PC Rosters", obsolete.

Newbie's warning
Don't be scared by the number of buttons and features the tool offers. Normally you won't need to do anything other than start the tool and click on "Start Game". The tool is fully-automatic in what it needs to do, that is, force the roster refresh, watch for new updates, and replace any conflicting ones with mods. You won't need to press any of the other buttons to do any of that. Just start the tool, and start the game. The rest of the buttons are either for modders or people who want to use a specific feature manually.

Just make sure you keep the tool running while you're playing the game.

Image Image

The tool is still in beta, so use it at your own risk. Make sure to keep a full backup of your NBA 2K12 folder inside %appdata%2K Sports, in case something goes wrong.

When you edit the Roster.ROS file, ALWAYS save the edited Roster in a file WITH A DIFFERENT NAME! The Roster.ROS gets updated by 2K whenever there's an official update, and this tool FORCES the update.

So, two tips:
1. Always keep a backup of %appdata%2K SportsNBA 2K12. Always, always, ALWAYS.
2. When you want to edit the official Roster, always create a copy of it first with a different name, and always save to that file. Saving to the Roster.ROS file is unreliable even without my tool, but you're guaranteed to lose your changes with it, if you don't save to another file!

Discussion/Support Thread: viewtopic.php?f=143&t=83896

Version History


- Fixed obscure scenario that would crash the tool after a re-sync.
- Fixes bug that would crash the tool when speed of re-sync reached 0 (on a connection failure or if the game exited during a re-sync)
- The tool now properly detects if the game is running and removes the "Re-syncing..." prompt if the game's closed; also deletes the "Cachepatches" folder in that case, so that the game doesn't find itself in the middle of a re-sync on boot, thus starting faster


- Tried to fix a bug in the algorithm that checks when 2K has updated one or more files in Online Data
- Offers more information during re-syncs, such as files downloaded, MBs downloaded, current speed, and also, if the tool has kept history of 2K's Online Data, it shows a timer that counts down until the re-sync finishes, based on the last calculated size of the Online Data folder; this timer should be off only if the game is doing a re-sync that will end-up in a different Online Data folder size than before, but usually not by much
- Fixed a bug that would report more ignored files than parsed

v0.2 - Jan 9

  • Now Online Data Browser shows all files in modlists but not yet updated
  • Whenever the game completes a re-sync, the log should show if new files have been updated by 2K, or if an already existing update has been updated again; in that case the program uses the Windows "Beep" sound to inform the user
  • Fixed various scenarios that would cause the tool to crash
  • v0.1.6 - Jan 5
    • Tool will now ignore any files that are in modlists but have not yet been updated by 2K, thus accelerating the program's use when a lot of files have been added in modlists, and minimizing copy operations
  • v0.1.5.5 - Jan 2
    • Tool will now start even if the game's running, but won't hide the rosters, thus avoiding causing any problems to the game; note that this is still an experimental feature
    • Manual features "Restore Online Data Backup" and "Force Keep My Mods" will now work at all times; previously the tool would crash as it wouldn't handle some scenarios
    • "Restore Online Data Backup" now temporarily disables the tool's automatic features, namely watching for re-syncs and forcing your mods again
    • "Force Keep My Mods" now re-enables the tool's automatic features if they were disabled by "Restore Online Data Backup"
    • Added a small "Re-syncing..." prompt below the Online Data Browser button that informs users that a re-sync is taking place; this can be used along with "Restore Online Data Backup" to let the user know when they can access NBA Today, Online, and the rest of the features that can't be used during a re-sync; see notes 6 and 6.1 for more information
    • The tool now reports whether its automatic capabilities are enabled or disabled, right above the log
  • v0.1.4.12 beta - Dec 30
    • Tool now checks for the game's constants re-syncs of Online Data and overwrites 2K's conflicting updates with the user's mods after every re-sync
    • Tool will try to keep mods even during the re-sync
    • Tool is now compatible with both Steam and non-Steam versions of the game; previously wasn't compatible with non-Steam versions, crashing on start-up
    • Added checks so that no more than one instance of the tool will run at the same time
    • Added check so that the tool can't be started if the game's already running
  • v0.1.3 beta - Dec 27
    • Tool now keeps backup of Online Data when replacing 2K's updates with mods
    • Added option to restore backup of Online Data, in order to avoid having to wait while the game re-syncs the whole Online Data folder; that's because whenever the game can't verify a download in the Online Data folder (e.g. if it's been corrupted or replaced with a mod), it will freak out, delete the whole Online Data folder and download everything from scratch, instead of re-downloading only the offending file
    • The Online Data backup, if available, is automatically restored when the tool starts for the reasons explained above
    • Improved error checking around the application; should now avoid some crashes
    • Improved error logging; crash logs now contain much more useful information for me to try to find the bug that's causing them
    • Fixed other minor bugs
  • v0.1.2 beta - Dec 27
    • Added "Create Modlist" option, which allows you to select your mod's files and let the tool create and load the modlist for you.
    • Fixed UI elements' positioning in Online Data Browser
    • Fixed bug that made the program parse the whitelist (AllowUpdates.modlist) twice
    • Fixed Log auto-scrolling downwards even though new entries are inserted at the top
    • Added Readme window that displays this file
  • v0.1.1 beta - Dec 27
    • Fixed major startup bug
    • Improved error checking throughout the application
  • v0.1 beta - Dec 26
    • Initial release

NBA 2K12 is a basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It was released on October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, PC, Wii and for the first time on iOS iPhone and iPad. For the first time there will be three different covers to choose from when picking up the game, with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan being the cover athletes of the game.

Download Keep My Mod - Latest version. This is a mod for NBA 2K12 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.

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