VIEWS : 24869    RAITING : 4.32

THIS IS NEW INFO 11/12/11: The gamestate has been moved as I have been told. This is where it is now located.

you will no longer find the gameState.db file in the Documents folder. It is now located by going through these steps: go to Library, click on App Supp, click Database, there you will find gameState.db!!

If you mess this up it will not hurt your IPhone just your Tap Zoo game. My IPhone 4 still works great I just can't play Tap Zoo!!!

SQLite Database Browser:

iPhone Explorer (PC):

iPhone Explorer (Mac):

This is an easy mod for your Tap Zoo. Be CAREFUL DO NOT be GREEDY. If you add too many coins or stars you will get a negative amount and there is no fix I can find. My IPhone 4 has a messed up tap zoo for this reason!!!!!!!

I hope you all enjoy this Hack. This will save you lots of money if you like to play.



Tap Zoo Hack!! NO Jailbreak!!! Not Required!!! Videos