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PlayStation 4: Everything You Need To Know

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Jeff Gerstmann and Eddie Makuch from Gamespot cover all points revealed in the PlayStation 4 unveiling. The PS4 new controller that leaked earlier was also confirmed. It is officially called the DualShock 4 and features a lightbar that identifies the player and synchs up with a steroscopic camera to track controller movement.

Lead Architect Mark Cerny called the PS4 a "super-charged PC" that uses the x86 architecture so that it will be familiar for developers. It also features an "enhanced" PC GPU, 8GB of unified DDR5 memory and a local hard drive.

  • PS4 Launch Date: Holiday 2013. No details on specific date.
  • PS4 Price: No details. Expectations were for ~$300-400 vs. $599 launch price of predecessor, PS3.
  • Backwards Compatibility: PS4 will not play PS3 discs, but over time will offer the ability to play old games through its cloud services
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