This is the tool, which will help U to edit Roster-files of the brand new MLB 2K11 (PC), NBA 2K11 (PC and XBox 360) games as well as the previous year NBA 2K10 (PC)!

What's new in v. 2.1:

New in v. 2.1.3:
- Fixed: Bug, which didn’t allow the program to be registered correctly, if registration name included one or more space characters

New in v. 2.1.2:
- Fixed: Bug, which caused the free agents list not to save correctly on NBA 2K11 PC Tables

New in v. 2.1.1:
- Fixed: Bug, which caused “Access Violation” error, when sorting a column
- Fixed: Bug, which caused jerseys recoloring on NBA 2K11 Xbox 360 Tables

New in v. 2.1:
- Added: Support for FXG (Association) and CMG (MyPlayer) XBox 360 NBA 2K11 files
- Added: Ability to edit Free Agents list in XBox 360 NBA 2K11 files
- Added: Ability to edit Structs11 and Home Series tabs for NBA 2K11 XBox 360 Tables
- Added: Ability to clone/delete records on NBA 2K11 XBox 360 Tables
- Added: Game Records' value is now an editable field for NBA 2K11 XBox 360 Tables
- Changed: Various optimizations
- Fixed: Glitch, which led to non-proper synchronization between MyFriend Panel and inner DB (led to visible changes, which not saved)
- Fixed: A problem with licensing system, which could cause Product ID to swap on each reboot on PCs with more than 1 HDD (led to the necessity of requesting new keys on each reboot)
- Fixed: Bug, which led to Out Of Memory Error, when attempting to save an XBox 360 NBA 2K11 file for more than once
- Fixed: Bugs, which caused GID and Name fields of Jerseys tab; Overriding Rotations tab; Draft Projection tab of NBA 2K11 XBox 360 Tables not to save
- Fixed: Several minor bugs and misprints

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