To install this update you need to install previous versions :

UPDATE 1.6.1

UPDATE 1.6.0

UPDATE 1.5.1

UPDATE 1.5.0

UPDATE 1.2.0

UPDATE 1.1.0

ALL IN ONE 1.0.5

Big thanks to scouser09 from WWW.FIFA-INFINITY.COM for his revolution mod.
Thanks to Kenny for Matrix
Thanks to Jorge for balls
Thanks to worldwideteam for their faces
Thanks to xuskan for boots and gloves
Thanks to nabo78 for boots pack
Thanks to uommomagnetico for his banners
Thanks to Angelo78 and ankitgarg301092 for tracksuits and banners
Thanks to FIFA Mexico for their kits
Big thanks to Bernd from EDITING.MYFHL.DE for his amazing tools.
Thanks to SIA, markiboi2012, engengaifc, revilo16, Diego, Emiliano, Greg, Shawminator, Josué

- Fixed problem with Europa League in Career Mode second year
- Assigned Puma Ball to Serie B and fixed ball preview
- Assigned Adidas Conext to Liga NOS

- Banners
* Scottish Premier League
* Polish League
* Russian Premier League ( not complete )
* Belgium Pro League
* PAOK, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Shakthar, Rangers.