To install this update you need to install previous versions :

UPDATE 1.6.0

UPDATE 1.5.1

UPDATE 1.5.0

UPDATE 1.2.0

UPDATE 1.1.0

ALL IN ONE 1.0.5

Big thanks to scouser09 from WWW.FIFA-INFINITY.COM for his revolution mod.
Thanks to Kenny for Matrix
Thanks to Jorge for balls
Thanks to worldwideteam for their faces
Thanks to xuskan for boots and gloves
Thanks to nabo78 for boots pack
Thanks to uommomagnetico for his banners
Thanks to Angelo78 and ankitgarg301092 for tracksuits and banners
Thanks to FIFA Mexico for their kits
Big thanks to Bernd from EDITING.MYFHL.DE for his amazing tools.
Thanks to SIA, markiboi2012, engengaifc, revilo16, Diego, Emiliano, Greg, Shawminator, Josué

 VERSION 1.6.1

- Fixed Vietto hair
- Removed Uche face
- Removed Gary Hooper face and Sternberg Janek ( hidden/unfinished faces by EA )
- Fixed problem with referees with missing heads
- Fixed Asian Cup now played every 4 years
- Fixed China assigned to Assian Qualifiers
- Fixed Benfica away kit fonts and numbers colors
- Fixed Eduardo and Vukojevic missing heads
- Fixed wrong ball assigned to FA Cup
- Fixed Nilmar not present in career mode
- Fixed Shovkovskyi nationality
- Lisandro López ( face included ) added to Internacional
- Josh Onomah back to Tottenham
- Fixed Antonio Vutov age
- Many potentials, age and overal ratings fixed
- Removed duplicated Gregori Terziev
- Removed duplicated M'Bohli
- Fixed problem with Brasileirao ( 38 games played in a season )
- Added some Brasileirao and other transfers
- Fixed socks Tottenham alternative GK kit
- Fixed problem with IA picking strange lineups in Barclays Premier League
- Fixed problem with Adboards when Inter and Lazio are playing as home team ( it showed away team adboards )
- added jersey fonts for Liga NOS
- Fixed shoes and new assignment of boots

Serie B flags and banners
Liga NOS banners
Bibs and tracksuits bundesliga