This mod will make very beautiful graphics in PES 2014

Author / Developer: DhoNchiK

Description of version 1.2:

- Added system of choice of different graphics for every taste
- This version works with any patches , for example PESEdit
- This version works on pirates and online in all modes including the MLO
- Optimized code modification
- Minor corrections in the config settings
- Made easy installer
- Made easy uninstaller

How to use the choice of graphics:

1 - Set yourself modes , go to the folder with the game
2 - Find the folder that appears Sweetfx and go to it
3 - Find the folder where Presenti go into it, you will see a folder with variations 5t graphics (Ultrapes1, Ultrapes2 etc.)
4 - Go anywhere , see screenshots, and choose the one that will appeal to
5 - Copy the configuration file liked SweetFX_settings variations in Game folder with replacement

P.S. After installing the mod automatically put Ultrapes1


- Installation of automatic
- Before installation, remove the previous version of the mod 1.1
- Removal of automatic , run the uninstaller from the fashion game folder