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FIFA14 Career Mode Fix

FIFA 14 original career mode with fixes.
This fixes just the major problems with FIFA Career Mode.

------All Fixes & Changes------

- Fixed ageing players decreasing to much.
- Fixed goalkeepers not growing correctly
- Fixed the problem with to many good players retiring to young.
- Scouts cost a little less (Cheaper as In FIFA14 we have to hire a lot more scouts and no extra income to teams financial budget has been added to compensate this)
- Improved Financial Strictness (Better percentages for everyone's personal preference)
- All Teams in other leagues will also be active on Transfers.
- Teams with less players will be more active on transfer market.
- Fixed the major issue with Ai players declining very fast after one season (Older players will now mainly lose physical stats speed, stamina, agility)

This is FIFA14 Original Career mode all existing files with just the fixes and changes above.
Please check out my "improved career mode mod" for my personal preference career mode.


1# Add our FIFA14 folder to your FIFA14 destination.
2# Use FHL-BH-Editor (PRESS "regenerate all bh-files take care of extern files") Download link: http://goo.gl/Wx5Jl4

Compatibility - Fully compatible with all mods (that do not change the same edits) 
- Works with moddingway and all Databases.
- Save compatible but works best with a new career. 

Support and general discussion forum: http://www.moddingway.com/forums/thread-23224.html