Shots now being sorted in teams on author website button.

How to use:

1. Look for any player that you want to edit in manage roster

2. Go to signature section in edit player

3. Change Shooting Form and Shot Base to one of the desired configurations below

Jumpshots Look Better In-game!

Player Speed/Shooting Form/Shot Base

Stephen Curry Quick/R27/T. Duncan

Stephen Curry V2 Quick/R76/T. Duncan

Kobe Bryant Quick/K. Bryant/D. Rose

Kevin Durant Quick/R90/ K. Durant

Danny Green Normal/L. James/JS5

James Harden Quick/S. Nash/M. Johnson

Tim Duncan Normal/J. Kidd/JS30

Chandler Parsons Normal/R50/D. Nowitzki

Ray Allen Quick/R. Allen/JS43

Chris Bosh Normal/R68/C. Boozer

Mario Chalmers Normal/R. Gay /JS18

Dwyane Wade Normal/V. Carter/JS35

Paul George Normal/D. Waiters/SS4

Marco Belinelli Normal/R18/JS46

Carmelo Anthony Quick/T. Parker/JS49

Manu Ginobili Normal/R33/C. Billups

Shane Battier Normal/R39/JS10

Jeremy Lin Normal/S. Nash/L. Aldrige

Derek Fisher Normal/C. Boozer/JS35

Damian Lillard Quick/D. Gallinari/A. Igoudala

Chris Paul Quick/J. Wall/JS5

Klay Thompson Normal/R6/SS4

Ricky Rubio Normal/D. Gallinari/SS4

John Wall Normal/R76/R. Gay

Kawhi Leonard Normal/R1/JS28

Udonis Haslem Normal/R27/JS6

Goran Dragic Normal/R29/JS37

Joe Johnson Normal/A. Igoudala/M. Jordan

Brandon Jennings Normal/M. Beasley/JS17

Pau Gasol Normal/R. Gay/P. Gasol

Steve Nash Quick/D. Gallinari/J. Harden

Dirk Nowitzki Normal/P. Pierce/SS4

JR Smith Normal/S. Nash/JS49

Nick Young Normal/R75/JS21

Kevin Love Normal/K. Love/J. Smith

Kemba Walker Normal/L. James/JS31

Kyrie Irving Normal/R76/JS42