Version 2.0 of the FaceGen to PES 2014 Model convert method.

Also download Version 2.0 Morph sliders fix
ew hairpack for FaceGen released - DOWNLOAD


Thanks again to sxsxsx and Jenkey for their outstanding work on modding the game. Also would like to thank Cherif Nour and du_oro10 for the inspiration.


The download archive is about 800MB. The size is huge because I've integrated 263 out of 274 custom hair models of players to FaceGen.


Tools needed:

FaceGen Modeller 3.5


Blender 2.67 (zip version)



I installed Blender 2.67 outside of Program Files or any Windows system folder. I recommend you do the same. It will spare you any administrator problems.


File Loader by Jenkey1002


File Explorer by Jenkey1002 or PES CPK File Manager Tool by sxsxsx


Face/Hair Mod Tool 1.7a by sxsxsx


Like in previous version use face_high_win32.model in Base MODEL folder. There's no point of using other .model files with this method (different vert number, vert order and so on)


Instructions are included in the tutorial below. This time it's longer, watch it carefully, especially if you are beginner level facemaker