This tool converts FIFA 13 Heads to FIFA 14 format. Conversion includes eyes movements but not mouth animation.

How does it work?
Browse for the FIFA 13 file, click on apply and a file with the same name but extension .14 will be created in the same folder than the original one. This last one is the new head with FIFA 14 format.

Extras you need
a) FIFA 13 faces require a new and personalized bump.
In extras folder, you will find the bump file.
It goes in the same head folder with the same number than face.
So in heads folder, you should have for instance for CR7.

b) In order that bump is read, you need a new player.lua.
You will find player.lua in extras folder too.
You have to place this file in data FIFA 14 DemoGamedatafifarnaluaassets.

Big thanks to josuelmm for testing!


- Unrar and Copy Overwrite to Game Folder
- Run Game and test Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick's face (I imported available)