This is only for people who are willing to have their Personal Cyberface in-game. and if you're asking if its for free sorry but its not i'll be requiring a cheap payment using paypal. And note i'm doing this with payment because creating a personal CF is different from Updating NBA Player CF, Creating Personal CF is more Difficult to make cause i need to sculpt everything on a person's face and it takes a lot of effort. So i hope you understand me. IF you do not want or if you don't like this kind of method then no need to hate i'm not really forcing you guys to go on with this. I'm just bored and i wan't to earn from my effort.

Having your personal Cyberface in game is really Realistic and it give more enjoyment and a better experience playing :)

The Screenshots that i've uploaded are some of the work i've done to the people who take the request before
note: this is not scam lol, why would I. and payment will be on paypal :)

Just PM me on my facebook if you wanted to have your own CF

Screenshots: |