Albys' Realistic Roster and gameplay for NBA 2K13.

Albys RR4 Official

New features:
- Updated NBA roster and rotations after trade deadline
- Updated overall, tendencies, accessories and Sigshots/Isomoves for 40+ players from RR 3!
- Updated coach profiles: the most realistic coach profiles, based on real stats and my experience.
- Perfect compatibility with Larvae portraits v3: viewtopic.php?f=149&t=89806
- Fixes many shoes colors and models
- Added Draft class 2013 v4 by Mauroth (many thanks, my friend!) and Albys (based on Aderito/Egodynasty draft class, but changed all overall and tendencies) 
- New gameplay, my definitive. I thinks this is the best gameplay ever.
- Various improvements.
- Updated hotspots for a lot of players and fixed "all blue zone problem" for Eric Bledsoe. 

1) Place the .ROS, .STG and .FDC files in your saves folder.
2) Place "shoes" folder in C:UsersyournameAppDataRoaming2K SportsNBA 2K13
3) Place all files from "files" folder to the main game folder (C:Program Files (x86)2K SportsNBA 2K13) and overwrite
4) Start the game
5) Load Albys RealRoster 4.ROS 
6) Load Albys RR settings SUPERSIM
7) Play the game

Game speed: 46 or 45. 
Defensive assist: 50 (Defense: Intense)

Have a nice Association!