ESPN TV v1.0

(NBA2K13 file).
by exrxixxx
2 versions inside - "Colored" and "Not Colored"
(Slideout objects will be fixed in the next version)
Copy/Paste newscorebug.iff to 
C:/Users/Your User name/AppData/Roaming/2K sports/NBA 2K13/Online Data/
Backup files from logo000.iff to logo031.iff which are at the main NBA2K13 directory (C:/Program Files/2k Sports/NBA2K13/).
Then paste modified ESPNTV logos to the main NBA2K13 folder (C:/Program Files/2k Sports/NBA2K13/).
In order to uninstall logos just remove logo000-logo031.iff and copy back old logos to the same folder.
If you lost your old backup logos, you will find really good ones at
viewtopic.php?f=149&t=88373 which are made by superb moder SIXERS85.
It took more than 300 hours modifying scoreboards for NBA2K and there are still so much to do. If you like...