Tool for PES 2013 (Edit Boots)
1. PC
Features Settings:
1. Change Name , Material Name , Color Name
2. Change Stats Boot(s) 
-Shot Power
-Shot Accuracy
-Top Speed
3. Edit Brand (Producent Boots)
How To Use:
1. extract unnamed_29.bin from dt04.img If you have dlc extract unnamed_1977.bin from dt0f.img
2. start tool and open 
-DLCunnamed_1977.bin from dt0f.img
Open Mode
Normal = File > Open Boot(s)
Drag and Drop Move File to List(Boot(s)
3.Open Preview Boots
-Open Preview
extract unnamed_6356.bin from dt0c.img and extract unnamed_2157.bin from dt0f.img
Click Open Preview  a load unnamed_6356.bin
Click Open Preview  a load unnamed_2157.bin
The program modifies and saves only the unnamed 29.bin and unnamed 1977.bin !!!
Decode and and analyzing Michał17Widzew 2013
Thanksss ;)