This is an updated roster for Latest 2k Roster(12-25-12) Albys RR 1.1, Babyface 3.0, and URB 2.1, which makes use of the latest jersey patches.

NOTE: Some of my jerseys require this roster to have the best result. This roster is based on Albys 1.1, Babyface 3.0 and Skoadam URB 2.1 so credits to him. I updated the color of accessories according to my jersey color. Lakers coach here is Mike D Antoni.

FOR Babyface: You can download other files here This only contains the .Ros file.

Teams updated (12/27/12):
- Winter Court (updated accessories and headbands)
- Spurs
- Mavericks
- Winter Court
- Grizzlies
- Rockets
- Nuggets
- 76ers
- Clippers
- '12 Team USA
- Dream Team
- Bulls (Jordan Era)
- Bulls
- Lakers
- Celtics
- Thunder
- Knicks
- Heat
- Nets

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