This program will repleace Europa Stadium with Goodison Park in your FIFA 13. If you have not editet your FIFA 13 base choice to install Goodison for not edited FIFA 13, if you have edited your FIFA 13 base, choice to install Goodison for edited FIFA 13. After exiting of this installation program a new window will appear(FHL-BH-Editor). Click on "regenerate all BH-files(take care of extern files)" and wait until the process of regenaration of bh files is compleated. After regenaration is compleated choice data1 from the left menu and find this files:


untick this files and click "Save selected BH-file"

Close FHL-BH-Editor and you`ll have Goodison Park on the place of Stadion Europa in your FIFA 13.
Have fun!

This model of the stadium is originaly made by Mark(2176297), edited and converted for FIFA 13 by svence(BFL TEAM).

Special thanks to:

-ludo for his great tool Stadium Worker 13

-$ido for helping with tutorials

-bernd for his great tool FHL-BH-Editor

2. Goodison Park Final
This program will update Goodison Park to it Final version. Just install it and you`ll have the changes. You must to have instaled first version of Goodison Park.