Paulv2k4’s FIFA 13 Gameplay Patch

This gameplay patch has been designed to improve the game experience and removes any CPU cheating. The key difference to other patches is that I do not change any attributes/stats or team styles, just the way the game plays and how the AI approaches it.

• Extract the product.ini file to the FIFA 13 -> Game folder
• Rebuild files using Fifa 13 i68Regenerator (found here)


• This mod will replace all other AI specific mods but not the databases (db files)
• This mod is compatible with all saved career modes
• This mod is compatible with all single-player game modes.


-- Version 1.1
• Gameplay is slower.
• Play is more controlled and players look around before making a pass.
• Difficulty is reintroduced but at a reduced level to stop high scoring games.
• Mistakes are reduced.
• Defenders are slightly more aggressive.
• Commented .ini file so that the community can adjust values.
-- Version 1.0
• More players look for the chance to shoot (not just strikers).
• Improved AI understanding of the pitch, spreads the play and varied attacks.
• More aggressive attacking of space and full backs overlap.
• Players look for space to take long shots.
• Difficulty is no longer changed depending on AI team rating, a totally fair game.
• CPU players make mistakes.
• More ball bounce and spin. More difficult to trap.
• Players move with the ball rather than needlessly passing it away.

• Gameplay is tested for default sliders. (ALL 50). You can adjust them freely as they won't affect any changes made by this MOD.

[My Thanks and Respects To (CREDITS)]
• My friends who helped test these values and see some serious bugs along our career game.
• Iard68 for the i68Regenerator