hi guys

after a + week editing colors and accesories finaly i think is evrithing ok...

i use maumau long hexpad thin legs (global) for the best results the global in my rar is the same(maumau long hexpad thin legs)

and i use babyface v3 roster as a base

leftos roster editor to change  colors(awesome tool)

so put babyface roster v3 in C:Users oshAppDataRoaming2K SportsNBA 2K13Saves  and global in 2k13 main folder

I change some numbers are wrong,troy murphy to dallas daniel orton to thunder...

so download and test yourself and tell me what you thing..

obiously injured players not play yet this season can edit ex nene hilario,jon wall..etc..

accesories updated to this week

thanks to  leftos,babyface,maumau

no judge this by one screenshot install in you computer and test don be lazy

ALL players have accesories edited exept injured

and ALL teams have colors home away edited

tell me errors  and maybe i can add to v2



maumau global : http://www.moddingway.com/file/28811.html

regards wiwakono.