Do you like the graphics of 2K13 but think 2K12 is the superior game? Or did you make the transition to 2K13 but still keep coming back to 2K12 for your retro fix? Did not get the chance to purchase 2K13 yet? Then this is for you.

This updates 2K12's jerseys with the lighting/shine effects seen on 2K13. There is a grand total of 521 jerseys in the pack. All home-away jerseys, 90% of the retros, Rookies, Sophomores, All-Star teams, D-League teams, Dream Team, USA 2012 Team, even the Create-A-Team jerseys and some jerseys on the retro mods are updated with the new graphics. All those jersey files are named accordingly to be compatible with Ultimate Base Roster but you can use it with any roster you like by just renaming a few files.

Obviously this is only compatible with high detail settings. This will overwrite all your default jerseys so if you want your bland 2K12 jerseys back (why?!), backup your files or use JSGME.