LIVE UPDATE - WC - 11.10.17


Whats new?

- The European group winners for the qualifiers (France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, England, Spain, Belgium), plus Switzerland & Italy have up to date squads, kit numbers and own custom tactics for each teams.

- Promoted and relegated teams for 2017/2018 included for the BPL.

- The BPL ball is allocated to the promoted teams. EFL ball to the relegated teams.

- Missing player Vlasic added to Everton. 

Already included.

- Transfers are up to date for all BPL teams as of 29/09/17

- Line ups and subs are up to date for all 20 BPL teams as of 01/10/2017.

- Unique tactics for all 20 BPL teams +  PSG, Bayern, Dortmund, Juve, Inter, Milan, Crotogne, Lazio, Atletico, Barca, Real, Getafe.

- No more tiki taka for small teams, every team plays differently. Watch out for Leicester and their counters, keep your eyes on Rashford on the left wing against United and be patient against Manchester City and Pep's tactic and take out them on counter attacks! ...If you can.

- Install instructions in the files below. Two downloads included, one with the live update only and one with the sliders and gameplay patch too.


 SPECIAL THANKS TO iturbe 1967