Gameplay tool version 6.23 fixed change log :
  • Fixed “Gameplayload.dll” bug
  • Improve chantserver load & unload speed
  • Fixed “Gameplay run.exe” cannot start game, now Im sure it would be stable.
  • Fixed bug when load chant map.

New features in 6.1x + 6.2x :

  • Chant server available : now can assign chant for each team and unlimited slot
  • Since version 6.x gameplay tool can be attach direct to your exe file (like kitserver) It meants can play game via your exe without launcher tool.
    Also it would be solved problem with FXAA or Creative Alchemity…
  • Add slider chant mode : allow to switch betten home/away/mix mode
  • If have problem when attach gameplay, you can play via “Gameplay run.exe”
  • Fast start option
  • Disabe/Enable crowd in stadium
  • Anthems relink : allow to relink anthem for all national teams
  • Adboard-server : allow to relink adboard to each stadium
  • Slider for GK reaction
New Gameplay mode changelog :
  • Improve game’s physic
  • Adjustment : speed, AI active, Player movement…
  • Improve GK reaction

Gameplay tool features list :

  • Unlock all leagues in UEFA CL & COPA LIBERTADORES
  • Unlock all leagues selection in CUP mode
  • Change match time
  • Freeside selection
  • On/off replay logo
  • Use more replay data
  • On/off crowd in stadium
  • Fast start game option
  • Multi-scoreboard – ingame switchable (requirement addtion scoreboard)
  • StadiumServer : add more stadium without replace
  • Referee kit selection in game (Press F5 to select – before start match)
  • Replay disable (optionable)
  • Blurry disable : sharpen graphic
  • Work with anypatch & non-patch
  • Comtiable with Kitserver also no-kitserver
  • Leagueserver module included (optionable)
  • Slider for ball physic, ball speed
  • Change game physic
  • Change shot power
  • AI balance : remove AI cheating script
  • Realistic dribble
Keymap (default) :
  • F1/F2 : Show/hide menu ingame
  • F3/F4 : Switch scoreboard, name will be shown in top-left
  • F5 :  Switch referee kits
  • F6 :  Snow turf mode (requirement : Full pack HD turf for all stadium)
  • F7 : Switch Realtime AI tactic mode
  • F8 : Show/Hide AI status bar

Credits : Juce, Komu, Yair, Barcafan, Tunizizou
Special thanks to scoreboards makers : Stranxk, KO, Taxk, Hickville