1.) Now you have original rookies, with commentator stories, and original M.World Peace

2.) I added the rest of the rookies and missing players (including the ones in China + Sloan, Johnson, Chris Johnson, Davis, Thomas, Thompson, Ayon etc.. This is probably the most complete roster regarding the number of players..)

3.) Added some new CFs for Jeremy Pargo, Jerome Jordan, Stiemsma etc., thanks to Babyface..

4.) I also added 3 new shoes, Adizero Ghost and Nike Hyperlunar, instead of unused addias and nike shoes (backup original files before adding new ones!) + Air Penny 1 for Kawhi Leonard now available

5.) The roster is compatibile with UTP's ESPN portraits!

Also the box score bug in association mode is now less likely to happen!

Regarding teams gear colors, Tha King is working on it, and it will be available for my roster when he is done.. Regarding other details like tendencies, sig shots etc., I don't have time to do it, so if anybody wants to, you can do it on my roster!

This is probably going to be a release for a longer period (until Tha King completes his work), so I encourage you to use this roster for your associations)

Thanks to:
Vlad for Reditor, and the guys who make CFs and shoes!