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66 Create-a-Team Logos

AUTHOR : HAWK23 - Posted ON December 19
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66 Create-A-Team Logos:

This patch removes all of the lame custom logos provided by the game for Create-a-Team with 66 logos of real NBA teams (past and present). You may now select these logos when creating new teams. The logos will appear on the courts/jerseys/presentations when playing.When creating your custom team, make sure to play around with the Logo Colors to make your logo accurate. This may take some guesswork with the colors available.

***Note*** This patch does not negatively affect any Retro Teams previously downloaded of mine.


1. You need to place the .IFF logo files and .CDF file in your main NBA 2K12 directory (NOT THE SAVES FOLDER). This folder is typically located in your Program Files (or Program Files (8x)) folder / NBA2K/NBA2K12.

2. Load the game, go to Create-a-Team and scroll through the logos! Have fun!


Here is the full list of new logos that will be added. Now that this is complete I will be able to start creating some more teams with their real logos/courts etc.

- Current Hawks (replaces cape man logo)
- Current Bobcats (replaces fighter jet logo)
- Current Blazers (replaces Ball on Fire #2 logo)
- Current Bulls (replaces #8 logo)
- Current Cavs (replaces radioactive logo)
- Current Celtics (replaces #0 logo)
- Current Heat (replaces letter U logo)
- Current Bucks (replaces letter X logo)
- Current Nets(replaces letter T logo)
- Current Hornets (replaces letter N logo)
- Current Knicks (replaces letter J logo)
- Current Magic (replaces letter F logo)
- Current Nuggets (replaces letter H logo)
- Current 76ers (and 78-97) (replaces letter K logo)
- Current Suns (replaces letter M logo)
- Current Kings (replaces letter E logo)
- Current Spurs (replaces letter i logo)
- Current Raptors (replaces letter S logo)
- Current Jazz (replaces letter V logo)
- Current Mavs (replaces 8-pointed star logo)
- Current Pistons (replaces Pig logo)
- Current Rockets (replaces ball of fire logo)
- Current Pacers (replaces letter letter P logo)
- Current Lakers (replaces letter L logo)
- Current Clippers (replaces mosquito logo)
- Current Grizzlies (replaces wildcat with basketball logo)
- Current Timberwolves (replaces letter D logo)
- Current Thunder (replaces letter R logo)
- Current Warriors (replaces Grizzly Bear logo)
- Current Wizards (replaces Roman logo)

- Old Bullets (88-97) (replaces Super Hero logo)
- Old 76ers (98-09) (replaces letter Z logo)
- Old Blazers (91-02) (replaces letter B logo)
- Old Jazz (80-95) (replaces Striped Bear logo)
- Old Nuggets (82-93) (replaces Boeing747 logo)
- Old Cavs (84-94) (replaces Sabertooth logo)
- Old Cavs #2 (95-03) (replaces Eagle logo)
- Old Pistons (97-05) (can't remember what it replaces)
- Old Pistons #2 (80-96) (replaces #9 logo)
- Old Rockets (73-95) (replaces Mohawk basketball logo)
- Old Rockets #2 (96-03) (replaces letter A logo)
- Old Bucks (68-92) (replaces letter G logo)
- Old Magic (90-00) (replaces letter Y logo)
- Old Hawks (73-95) (replaces Cheetah logo)
- Old Heat (89-99) (replaces letter C logo)
- Old Knicks (65-92) (replaces Bulldog logo)
- Old Mavs (81-01) (replaces Wildcat logo)
- Old Grizzlies (90s) (replaces Bell logo)
- Old T-Wolves (90-96) (replaces Horse Rider logo)
- Old Nets (91-97) (replaces #7 logo)
- Old Kings (85-94) (replaces #3 logo)
- Old Spurs (90-02) (replaces #2 logo)
- Old Sonics (02-08) (replaces #6 logo)
- Old Sonics #2 (96-01) (replaces letter O logo)
- Old Sonics #3 (76-94) (replaces Sharp-Toothed Cat logo)
- Old Suns (92-02) (replaces Ball on Fire logo)
- Old Suns #2 (68-91) (replaces letter W logo)
- Old Warriors (89-97) (replaces #1 logo)
- Old Warriors #2 (98-09) (replaces #5 logo)

- Western AS (replaces sun over planet logo)
- Eastern AS (replaces Rhino logo)
- Rookies (replaces basketball logo)
- Sophomores (replaces letter O logo)
- USA (can't remember what it replaces)
- Legends (cant remember what it replaces)
- Brooklyn Nets (replaces Lions with multiple arms logo)

If you have any questions please write me here:

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NBA 2K12 is a basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It was released on October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, PC, Wii and for the first time on iOS iPhone and iPad. For the first time there will be three different covers to choose from when picking up the game, with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan being the cover athletes of the game.

Download 66 Create-a-Team Logos. This is a mod for NBA 2K12 video game.