1992 Dream Team Version 2.0

What's new in version 2?
Announcers no longer say "Chicago Bulls" when referencing the Dream Team
Real Team USA Logos (instead of custom logo)
Real Team USA Logos on Court (instead of custom logo)
Real Team USA Logos on Jerseys (instead of custom logo)
All Ages and Years Pro Accurate as of 1992
Rotations Edited (More Accurate)
Coaching Profile Edited (More Accurate Pace / Play Calling)
Added Charles Barkley Cyberface (Courtesy STOMPTHECOURT Via Chinese Boards)


1. You need to place the .TMM file in your SAVES folder typically located:
C:UsersYour NameAppDataRoaming2K SportsNBA 2K12Saves

2. You need to place the .IFF and .CDF file in your main NBA2K12 directory (NOT THE SAVES FOLDER). This folder is typically located in your Program Files (or Program Files (8x)) folder / NBA2K / NBA2K12.

Then run NBA 2k12 load the roster you want the teams located in, then load the team.

1992 Dream Team Roster:
PG - Magic Johnson
SG-Michael Jordan
SF-Larry Bird
PF-Charles Barkley
C-David Robinson
6-Clyde Drexler
7-Karl Malone
8-Scottie Pippen
9-John Stockton
10-Patrick Ewing
11-Chris Mullin
12-Christian Laettner

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